Bride and groom standing on a cliff in the Dolomites after their hiking elopement. Photo by Wild Connections Photography

You've never done what people expect you to do, so why start now! Weddings don't have to be boring, traditional or indoors. So let me ask you:

Would you rather get married during a ski trip to the Alps or hiking to a remote location in the Dolomites?

A ski and snowboard wedding in Austria by Wild Connections Photography



You should be stoked to be getting married, but right now you feel like you're planning a wedding that makes everyone else happy but you...

Hi, I’m CaT!

Welcome to my corner of the world!

As an outdoor lover and adventurer, I understand that you want a different type of wedding, because that’s what I wanted too!

I grew up in rainy England, but when I took up snowboarding in my 20s, a trip to the Alps changed the direction of my life. Once you spend time in the mountains, it's hard to leave, so I didn't, and the Alps are now the place I call my home. As a certified hiking guide, I've discovered so many amazing locations and I want to share them with you!

I understand that not everyone dreams of that fairytale wedding. In fact, sometimes there's so much pressure to become someone that you're not *just because* it's your wedding day. I believe everyone deserves to get married in a place where they feel like they truly belong, and if being in the mountains is one of the places you feel happiest, why shouldn't you get married there?!

I’ve been an adventure wedding & elopement photographer in the Austrian Alps & Dolomites for over 5 years, supporting couples from all over the world to say HELL NO to big weddings they don't want and HECK YES to becoming adventure partners for life in some pretty epic locations.

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Skiing wedding in Austria by Wild Connections Photography
Sunrise elopement in the Dolomites by Dolomites elopement photographer Wild Connections photography
LGBT alpine lake elopement in Austria by leading elopeemnt photographer wild connections photography

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Hiking elopement on the train in the Dolomites

We wanted to tie in our passion for the outdoors and traveling into the day that we committed spending our lives together. We couldn't see ourselves having a big wedding, and the more we planned something more modest, the harder it was to compromise.

So, we decided to invite only ourselves and do exactly what we wanted to do: Get married in the mountains and on the trail.

Elopement ceremony in the Swiss Alps by Wild Connections Photography

We can't stand all of the ridiculous expectations that other people think they can enforce on other peoples' wedding day. We just want it to be about us! No expectations, no drama.

All we want is the simplicity and pureness of each other, our love that we share, and the peace that we have when we are somewhere wild and beautiful.