Adventure sessions are all about letting your hair down and having some fun. And since a lot of the couples that I work with share my passion for travel, adventure and the outdoors, that’s where adventure sessions come in to the mix. Adventure sessions can be to celebrate an engagement, an anniversary or simply just because you want to capture some pictures that make people say “that’s so you”. And if you’re still not sure, here’s 5 reasons to book an adventure session.

5 Reasons To Book An Adventure Session

Capture The Real You

Wedding day portraits are very special. They capture you on one of the most important days of your lives. But with time restrictions and wedding day stresses, sometimes it’s hard to let go and really be yourselves in the short amount of time you have with your photographer on your wedding day. I love my wedding pictures, but when I was a bride I didn’t really feel like myself. I think I look pretty in my wedding pictures, but they don’t really feel like me. I hardly ever wear dresses and Menno rarely wears a suit. The real me wears converse trainers or hiking boots and climbs around mountains. So that’s what we did on our post-wedding adventure session, and I love those pictures so much because they feel more like me, and more like us as a couple.

Cat & Menno in Stubai Austria by Lucy Turnbull Photography
Image by Lucy Turnbull Photography


No Time Constraints

Take the day off and enjoy doing something that you love doing. Don’t think of it like a photoshoot but like you’re going on an adventure with friends. There’s no need to worry about leaving weddings guests alone or not keeping to a timetable. A relaxed schedule means you can be so much more relaxed and just have fun.


Adventure wedding Dolomites pre-wedding engagement shoot by Wild Connections Photography


You Can Wear Whatever You Like

Whether you want to dress up in your wedding clothes, buy something new for the occasion or wear something that you feel comfortable in, it’s completely up to you.


Obergurgl Ski elopement in Austria by Wild Connections Photography


The Sky Is The Limit With Locations

Adventure sessions give you the flexibility to go somewhere exciting. You might choose to spend the day hiking to your favourite viewpoint or perhaps you’d rather drive around exploring lots of different locations. Or maybe you want to get some pictures of you hitting the ski slopes together. You really can go wherever you want.


Lago Di Braies pre-wedding engagement shoot adventure session in the Dolomites by Wild Connections Photography


It’s The Perfect Way To Celebrate Your Marriage

Adventure sessions are a great way to celebrate your marriage and your relationship after the wedding day. More couples are choosing to do anniversary sessions or vow renewals because they want to keep celebrating their adventures together long after the wedding day has passed.


How to choose an adventure wedding dress for your mountain wedding by Wild Connections Photography



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