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Embrace the magic of slow travel with a multi -day elopement experience in the Alps

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You’ve never done what people expect you to do, so why start now?

You should be stoked to be getting married, but right now you feel like you’re planning a wedding that makes everyone else happy but you…

So let me ask you – would you rather get married during a ski trip to the Austrian Alps or hike to a remote location in the Dolomites?

You want your wedding to celebrate the connection you share & the peace you feel
when you are somewhere wild and beautiful

Together, we’ll leave only footsteps and take only photographs

Beneath the thrill of adventure, I believe we have an instinctive desire for connection…

  • To connect with nature
  • To connect with each another
  • To connect with ourselves

Exploring these vast landscapes is not just a quest for pretty photos. It’s a journey to understand our place in the world and cultivate a deep respect that drives us to protect the wonders of nature.

The truth is, you feel happiest when you are alone together. In the mountains, you feel safe from the pressures and expectations of others, and free to be yourselves and celebrate in a way that’s truly in alignment with who you are.

No Expectations.
No Drama.

That’s why I’m passionate about providing a sustainable and supportive service in an industry that has a long history of being wasteful

Hey, I’m Cat

Your guide to a more sustainable elopement experience

I grew up in rainy England, but my first visit to the Alps changed the direction of my life. I started a business that lets me work in the mountains, and contribute to protecting our planet. I can honestly say that I have my dream job!

I help you create bespoke multi-day elopement adventures that bring you to the best of the Alps and the Dolomites. That can mean saying your vows alongside a spectacular alpine lake, waking up for a first look shoot while the sun rises over a glacier, or carving turns down the “aisle” in your wedding attire.

I use my local expertise, my certified guiding training, and my passion for sustainability to create memorable wedding adventures with award-winning photos to capture it all.

What makes me different?

Alps Local

I know the best trails, the places away from the tourist hotspots, and understand the challenges of eloping in this beautiful corner of the world. Plus, you shrink your elopement’s carbon footprint by requiring one less flight!

Environmentally responsible

You’ve decided to elope, which is already a sustainability win. Nice! As a sustainability expert, I’ll guide you as you plan your elopement to make responsible choices so that you can enjoy your elopement day knowing you are also looking out for the planet.

Certified & qualified

I’ve been photographing elopements in Tirol and the Dolomites regions since 2015, winning multiple awards for my images. I’m also a certified local hiking guide and former ski instructor, making me able to help you choose the perfect alpine environment for your adventure wedding.

Alps & Dolomites Elopements


I offer tailor-made guided adventure elopements in the Austrian Alps and Dolomites, combining my years of local knowledge with your vision for your elopement.

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