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This summer one of my goals was to start shooting more “adventure sessions.” A big part of my passion for photography is celebrating authenticity and encouraging couples to look past the idea of a overly styled couple shoot and celebrate the things that they really love. For Peter & Ines, one of their favourite things to do is to go for long walks with their beautiful Australian sheepdog Lucy, so that’s exactly what we did for their adventure session in Igls.

Adventure Session In Igls – Ines, Peter & Lucy

Ines grew up in the area, but she’s never walked around the Lanser Kopf before, so their adventure session was the first time that Ines, Peter & Lucy had walked this route just outside Innsbruck. Lucy immediately went and found the biggest muddy puddle that she could find and went for a paddle, resulting in one very dirty but happy dog! She never ran far from Peter & Ines, and always came back to them with the biggest sticks that she could find.

Lucy the Australian Sheepdog by Wild Connections Photography Ines, Peter & Lucy the Australian Sheepdog go for a walk in the Lanser Kopf Forest by Wild Connections Photography An adventure session in Igls with Lucy the Aussie sheepdog by Wild Connections Photography Lucy the dog tries to carry a long stick by Wild Connections Photography Lucy the dog stands between her owners legs as they kiss by Wild Connections Photography Ines & Peter on the Lanser Kopf looking over igls by Wild Connections Photography Ines & Peter kiss through the tress during their adventure session in Igls by Wild Connections Photography Lucy sits with Peter and Ines by Wild Connections Photography Peter & Ines in the Forest by Wild Connections PhotographyLucy sits on the forest floor by Wild Connections PhotographyA double exposure silhouette of Peter & Ines by Wild Connections Photography

Are you curious about adventure sessions?

Adventure sessions don’t need to be to mark a big milestone. Ines & Peter simply wanted to have a session so that they could get some beautiful pictures of them (and Lucy) for their new apartment, as they didn’t have any pictures on the walls.

Adventure sessions are great because they are all about you and capturing you in your element. For some couples that’s hiking together, for others it can be climbing or skiing. Or simply capturing them exploring a new place during their travels. If you’re interested in finding out more about adventure sessions and capturing your next adventure, get in touch with me today.

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