How to plan an adventure wedding budget

Adventure Bride Guide – The Adventure Wedding Budget

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Wedding budgets are an awkward subject, and while some people will openly talk about how much they want to spend on getting married, for others it can be a more sensitive issue. Adventure weddings certainly can work out more budget-friendly than big traditional weddings, but there are certain items that might not be on a traditional wedding budget that you might want to consider if you’re planning an adventure wedding. So today we’re looking at things you should think about when planning your adventure wedding budget.

Adventure Bride Guide – The Adventure Wedding Budget

So what sort of things might you need to plan for in your adventure wedding budget? Of course, many are very location and activity specific, but here are just a few things that you might want to add to your budget.

Let’s start off with the most obvious ones first:

A Photographer 
You want a photographer with you for the whole day who can capture the adventure. Someone with experience in the field as well as someone whose images you love and who you connect with personally too. Photography (and perhaps also videography) will quite possibly be the largest percentage of your overall budget.

A Videographer
If your budget allows, consider a videographer to capture your adventure too. It might seem quite extravagant, but having a beautiful film to watch over and over again will let you relive your adventure. I definitely recommend a videographer that works with sound too, as having original sound over your video makes it extra special.

Flights / Transport
You might need international or domestic flights to get to your destination, or perhaps a boat or a mountain lift. Don’t forget to factor all of these into your budget.

Hotels, mountain huts or campsites. Wherever you are staying, don’t forget to think about the associated costs. Even if you decide on wild camping, remember to budget for camping equipment if you need it. 

A Dress
It doesn’t need to be white, or a traditional wedding dress, but having something you can change in to will make the day (and you) feel extra special.

A Suit
Like the dress, it doesn’t need to be a formal suit, but having something special to wear can make a difference, especially in your pictures.

A Venue
I’m putting this one last on the list, as for couples who choose an adventure elopement, there often isn’t an official venue. But if you’re planning to invite family and friends to join you abroad for your adventure wedding, you’ll also need to find a venue for your ceremony and celebrations. If you want to have a mountain chalet for your venue, you’ll want to consider hiring it for exclusive use so that you don’t have to worry about having people from the general public gatecrashing your celebrations.

Adventure wedding in the Alps

And now for the things that might get overlooked:

National Park & Entrance Fees
Across the world, many national parks charge entrance fees or require you to purchase permits. Some mountain passes or tunnels (especially in Europe) may also charge extra tolls for using them. Make sure to research these fees in advance and plan them into your budget.

Photography Permits
It might sound crazy, but some national parks and monuments have started making people pay for permits to take pictures. While wedding photos are predominantly for personal use, not commercial gain, you may be exempt, but it’s best to check if you need to purchase a permit in order for your professional photographer/videographer to be able to document your adventure.

Excess baggage fees for sports equipment / Sports equipment rental
Whether it’s skiing, surfing or scuba diving, you might need specialised equipment for your adventure. If you want to take your own equipment with you, you’ll need to factor in the cost of getting it there. Otherwise, you might have the option of renting it once you arrive, but it’s another added cost to consider.

Wedding insurance and standard travel insurance packages may not cover you for certain outdoor activities so check your policies before you leave. You may need an additional policy or add-on to cover you for your adventure. As someone who had to call on the services of mountain rescue in 2017, I was very happy that my insurance covered the €800 mountain rescue bill!

A Qualified Guide
If your adventure takes you anywhere where you are unfamiliar, you might want to consider hiring a local certified guide to make sure you don’t take a wrong turn and end up somewhere you don’t want to be. Local guides can be experts on anything from where is safe to cross glaciers, which geothermal pools are safe to bathe in or which cliffs are safe to climb. Local expert knowledge can be vital in keeping you safe (and also helping you to find the best spots).

Travel Visas & Vaccinations
Very unexciting and unglamorous, but if you’re heading somewhere overseas for your adventure, don’t forget to double-check visa regulations and whether you need any vaccinations.

Mountain elopement in Seefeld

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