Alpine Meadows Dolomites Elopement – Allie & Chris

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Allie & Chris are two badass climbers from the USA. They had planned an epic climbing trip to the Dolomites (because the multi-pitch routes here are incredible!) and decided that they would celebrate their elopement during this trip. However these two didn’t want climbing to be a part of their elopement day. Living in Arizona, they wanted dramatically different scenery, and when I scouted out a few locations and sent them my top suggestions, they were drawn to the lush green alpine meadows for their Dolomites elopement.

They chose to have a slow and relaxed morning. Allie got her hair & makeup done by the amazing Ulli Thomaseth and they headed to nearby Lago di Braies for a spot of lunch before we met up for their afternoon/evening elopement adventure.

They chose a green alpine meadow as the perfect spot to read their vows to each other, with the magnificent Dolomites mountains in the background. After they had exchanged vows and rings, we explored the rest of the valley until sunset. In our final location, one I had scouted out that morning, we were greeted by a herd of cows who had decided to move in just as we arrived. We waited as the sun set and cast a glow over the mountains, before returning back to our hotel nearby for some relaxing before a lovely dinner.

Allie & Chris’s elopement is a wonderful example that you don’t need to visit the famous locations in the Dolomites to see breathtaking scenery and have a truly special day.

If you’re ready to start crafting your ideal elopement day in the mountains, contact me today to arrange a consultation and let’s start making it happen!

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