The Best Elopement Dresses Online for 2024

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Not every bride dreams of walking into a bridal boutique and trying on every dress in the store. And if you’re thinking “yep, that’s me” please know that you are not alone. Lots of brides are not only making their own rules when it comes to how they are getting married, but also how they are shopping for their dresses, and many are turning to the internet to find the best places to buy an elopement wedding dress online. Buying your wedding dress online doesn’t have to mean a cheap knock-off from China (we’ve all read those horror stories). There are so many amazing options out there to suit all styles and budgets, from high-street bargains to high-end couture.

Over the last few years, all my brides have absolutely smashed it with amazing bridal-style, all in their own authentic ways. Some have opted for vintage dresses, some have gone down the designer route, some have opted for something different from their local high street and some have opted for pre-loved dresses.

What Is An Elopement Dress?

An elopement dress can be whatever you want to wear on your elopement day. And when it comes to choosing a dress for your elopement, you have so many options out there to choose from. You might love the idea of going into a bridal boutique and trying on lots of styles. But you might also be excited to look in other places for your dress too.

There isn’t a particular style that is more suited to an elopement. I’ve had brides in ballgowns, mermaid dresses and vintage lace creations. Some were delicate and lightweight with skirts that blew in the wind, while others were dramatic show-stoppers that stood out against the mountain backdrop.

How To Choose An Elopement Dress

There are a few important aspects to consider when choosing a dress for your adventure elopement. The main thing is that you need to love it, and feel amazing when you wear it, because you’ll be wearing it on your wedding day and you’ll have pictures of you wearing it for years to come.

The next factor to consider is how comfortable it is. Yes, that’s right, I said comfortable! Some dress boutiques out there will try to convince you that things need to be fitted, and that beauty is pain. But if you are planning to adventure on your wedding day, you need to have a dress that’s going to let you move freely, not hold you back. If you’re going to be hiking or skiing, how much can you move your legs? Can you take big strides or steps if you need to climb up and down over uneven ground? Do you need a wide stance for skiing or snowboarding? Do you want a train or is that going to get in the way? Also consider how freely your upper body can move. Can you raise your arms above your head so that you can throw them around your partner?

Another thing to think about is how easily the dress will travel. That means thinking about how much care the fabric needs, if it creases easily and needs steaming (and if you’ll be able to do that before your elopement) and how much space it might take up in your luggage.

Does An Elopement Dress Need To Be White?

Don’t love white? It’s your day, so wear whatever you want! I’ve had brides wear black, gold, grey and floral dresses. You’re not having a traditional wedding, so don’t feel pressured to dress like a traditional bride. You have your style, so feel free to rock it on your wedding day.

Where To Buy Elopement Wedding Dresses Online in 2024

Wedding dress shopping can be fun. But it can also be stressful, especially if you don’t see yourself as a typical bride. I’ve had a lot of my past brides say to me that they didn’t enjoy the experience of dress shopping, and many changed tactics and went online shopping instead. I asked them where they went to buy their dresses, and they told me. So now I’m sharing the results with you! Here are some of the best places to buy a wedding dress for your elopement online.

Budget Elopement Dresses

If you’re having an adventure elopement, you might decide that you don’t want to spend too much on a dress that may very well get trashed. And if you want to add even more options for the mix, try searching for “white maxi dresses” instead of wedding dresses and you’ll find even more options. Here are some really popular options with dresses under $300:

Online Elopement Dresses Under $500

Mid-range priced elopement dresses under $500 from different designers, in different styles for different tastes:

Shop Dresses Under $500

Wedding Dresses Under $1000

Designers from various price points who are available in boutiques and also have an online store:

Shop Elopement Dresses Under $1000

 Elopement Dresses on Etsy

Thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy, it’s not possible to connect with talented designers from around the world to get a handmade elopement dress just for you:

>> Visit this blog post for even more amazing Etsy elopement dress designers <<

Bohemian Elopement Dresses

High-end, stunning bohemian designer elopement dresses that can be purchased online:

Bohemian Wedding Dresses Under $1500

Vintage Elopement Dresses

Don’t want something new but something vintage instead?

Don’t Want A Dress? What About A Suit or Jumpsuit?

Can’t picture yourself wearing a dress? Maybe a dress isn’t practical if you’re planning something like an epic hike or climb. A wedding jumpsuit could be a pretty stylish alternative. Here are some online retailers offering bridal jumpsuits:

> Read this full post dedicated to bridal jumpsuits for even more amazing options

Shop Bridal Jumpsuits

Pre-Loved Elopement Dresses

Another option if you’re not looking for something brand new, is to look for pre-loved dresses. Especially for adventure elopements, this can be a great option if you’re looking for a dress that you don’t care about getting dirty or damaged:

Coloured Elopement Dresses

If you’re looking for something a little different and you don’t want a plain white or ivory wedding dress, a colored elopement dress could be the perfect alternative. Within the options of colored dresses, you don’t just have to settle for plain colors either. There are some incredible designers who offer dip-dyed ombre skirts and hand-dyed details too. Or if you want intricate embroidery, there are some amazing designers offering embroidered dresses.

 Plus-Size Elopement Dresses

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