It’s been a crazy journey from the day I decided that I wanted to be a wedding photographer (despite not owning a camera) to where I am now, working with couples from around the world at their weddings across the continent. I’ve reached a stage in my business where I finally feel like I’ve got my sh*t together and I know what I’m doing – partly because I’ve tried (and failed) at a lot of things, but also because I started treating my business like a business and not a hobby. Over the last few months, I noticed that more people were coming to me for help and advice when they were struggling with the same things I struggled with. I’ve always believed in fostering community over competition, but with all the will in the world, I simply don’t have the time to help everyone who wants my advice. So I decided to create the Adventure Wedding Academy.

The Adventure Wedding Academy Is Born

A lot of new photographers want to know the secret to success (so do a lot of ones who have been hustling away for years). And the answer is that there is no secret. And the people who post in Facebook groups asking for people’s top tips for making their business a success may well never find it. Because it’s not that easy. You can’t just post in a free group and expect to find the answers from people who have spent years and thousands on building their businesses. They might give you a few starting points. But I have learned the hard way that the biggest changes happen when you fully commit by investing in your business and yourself. I don’t mean by buying the newest camera or having the most trendy presets. It comes when you put your focus 100% in to REALLY looking at what you need to do to make your business a success.

I know that I am bloody awesome at what I do, and I’ve created a business in a saturated market that is thriving, because of the choices I made in terms of how I decided to brand and market myself. I stopped listing to the advice (even though it was well meant) from friends and family and I started paying a coach to help me find my way. I stopped watching endless free webinars and signing up for free e-guides trying to work out where I was going wrong, and I invested the money that I really wanted to spend on a new camera in to things that would actually help me grow my business. I paid for an SEO consultant to analyse my website, fix any big errors and teach me how to continue creating content that would help me get found on Google. I paid a business coach to help me with things from marketing through to mindset and to keep me accountable from month to month. And guess what?


I’ve always been an information junkie, I love learning and absorbing all kinds of information. And when I started paying people who knew about the things I wanted to learn, I got real advice that was relevant to my business and I started to learn things that actually helped. If you know my story, you’ll also know that I love teaching. It started when I was 17 and I used to teach the flute. Then a few years down the line after uni I became a snow sports instructor. I also worked as an English teacher for a couple of years teaching English as a foreign language. Because whilst I love learning and improving myself, I adore sharing my knowledge and passion with others too.


So that brings me back to here and now, and to the newest part of my business. Because I really want to help other entrepreneurs create successful businesses that they love, I’ve started up the Adventure Wedding Academy. It’s going to be a place where I can impart my knowledge and experience in building a successful photography business. You’ll find helpful blog posts and a free downloadable guide on there, and for those people who are serious about taking the next step and moving their business forward, there is also information about 1-on-1 mentoring that I’ll be offering to a limited number of people. If you’d like to find out more then head on over to the new site that I’ve created just for photographers.


Adventure Wedding Photographer Cat Ekkelboom-White by Alice Lodge Photography
Picture by Alice Lodge Photography

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