To celebrate the end of the summer wedding season, Menno and I spent a few days in the beautiful south west of England. Growing up in England, I never really considered having a holiday in the UK, but over the recent years I’ve realised just how much it has to offer.

We spent most of our time around in the west of Cornwall exploring the coast which absolutely took our breath away.

Since we were right on the far west coast and our final destination before returning to Austria was Suffolk, we decided to split the drive over two days, stopping a night in Devon and one in Wiltshire. We managed to see a little glimpse of the wild Dartmoor National Park and the impressive Cheddar Gorge.

We wanted to have a relaxing break but once again, I scheduled a bit too much in to our itinerary. We managed to see a lot, but there are many places that we’d love to return to and spend a little bit more time exploring them.

Last week I received my film scans back from the amazing Canadian Film Lab, and it really was lovely to look back over the trip again.

Cornwall Film PhotographyCornwall Film PhotographyBotallack MineCornwall Film PhotographyCornwall Film PhotographyCornwall Film PhotographyBotallack Mine
Botallack MineBotallack MineCornwall Film PhotographyBotallack MineCape CornwallCape CornwallCape CornwallCape CornwallCape CornwallCape CornwallCape Cornwallcew281016004574-26St Michaels MountSt Michaels MountTintagelTintagelTintagelTintagelTintagelTintagelTintagelTintagelTintagelcew281016006871-04cew281016006871-05cew281016006871-06cew281016006871-08TintagelTintagelTintagel King Arthurcew281016006871-14Merlin's Cave Tintagelcew281016006871-17cew281016006871-18cew281016006871-19cew281016006871-20cew281016006871-25cew281016006871-26cew281016006871-28cew281016006871-29cew281016006871-31cew281016006871-35cew281016006871-36St Ives CornwallSt Ives CornwallSt Ives Cornwallcew281016004575-04St Ives CornwallLands EndLands EndLands EndLands EndLands EndCat Ekkelboom-WhiteLands EndLands Endcew281016004575-20DartmoorWhistmans WoodWhistmans WoodWhistmans Wood DartmoorDartmoorDartmoorCheddar GorgeCheddar GorgeCheddar GorgeFollow Me


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