Elopement Details You Must Not Forget

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Congratulations – you’ve chosen to have an elopement wedding! Like most couples who choose to elope, you’ve probably opted for this type of wedding because traditional ceremonies, vows and venues are not your thing. While you don’t care too much for all the unnecessary “stuff” that comes with weddings, there are some wonderful ways you can add in some little elopement details that can add extra personal touches to your day.

Elopements are special because they are intimate, meaningful and completely unique to you. You’ve settled on your location, booked your suppliers and decided on some awesome outfits to match the scenery. Now it’s time to start thinking about the smaller elopement details that will help personalise your wedding day. 

I’ve seen couples get married and adventure on their wedding day in various ways, and I love how many of them incorporate small and meaningful details into their elopements. These details don’t just add an extra layer of something special to your day, but for many couples they become treasured mementos and heirlooms from the amazing day their marriage began.

Wedding Morning Gifts

elopement morning gift necklace

A beautiful way to start the day is by giving each other a small surprise gift. Something meaningful and personal that you can keep forever and that travels easily is perfect! Consider jewellery, keepsakes and travel-related gifts such as ‘Mr & Mrs’ luggage tags.

Elopement morning gift inspiration

Personalised Keepsake Compass – a functional gift that can be customised with names, dates or locations. A very apt gift for an adventure elopement from ‘The Chosen One’ on Etsy

$29 – Shop Now on Etsy

Keepsake Compass from The Chosen One on Etsy

Mr/Mrs & Mr/Mrs Luggage Tags – these are a lovely detail to use on your way home from your elopement, signifying your first trip as newlyweds. Customisable by colour and text, these ‘Bins Creations’ tags and passport covers can say whatever you want to your new spouse.

From $36.89 – Shop Now on Etsy

Personalised luggage tags and passport covers from Bins Creations on Etsy

Jewellery – for him or for her, a special item of jewellery can be a small elopement detail that can be treasured and kept close for years to come. I’ve found a selection of necklaces with a travel and adventure theme that are discreet and meaningful.

Mountain Range Charm Necklace – perfect for adventure weddings in the mountains! If you’re eloping in a location like Austria, Switzerland or the Dolomites, or planning a hiking or climbing elopement this is the ideal wedding morning gift.

From $42.95 – Shop Now on Etsy

Mountain range necklace
Mountain Range Necklace from London Lotus on Etsy

How about this stunning wooden watch from Ox & Birch on Etsy which you can engrave with a short message or your wedding date.

From $75 – Shop Now on Etsy

Wooden watch from Ox & Birch on Etsy

Finally, this delicate silver compass necklace is in keeping with your adventure and elopement theme but is an elegant, beautiful gift for the morning of your elopement.

From $30 – Shop Now on Etsy

elopement morning gifts
Compass Necklace from Diamond Rose Gifts on Etsy

Elopement Ceremony Details

There are a few options to consider when choosing your elopement ceremony type, which can offer amazing opportunities for next-level personalisation. The beauty of an elopement is that there are no rules – it’s your day, and the start of the next chapter of your lives, so it can go off any way you like! Depending on the style of ceremony you go for, you have different options for ways you can inject your personality into it. Here are just a few options…the list is completely non-exhaustive!

Handfasting Cords

Handfasting elopement ceremony in Ireland

Love the idea of traditionally ‘tying the knot’? You could have a handfasting ceremony, an ancient symbolic binding of the hands to represent your new unity and the intertwining of your lives. Celebrants can lead these kind of ceremonies, but they can be performed by literally anyone! Special handfasting cords or ribbons are used for the ceremony, usually in a set of 3 pieces so they can be plaited together.

To personalise your handfasting ceremony, choose cords or ribbons that have meaning. From the material they are made from to the colour and the adornments, this is your chance to get really creative and let your personalities shine through. Are you getting married in a colourful fishing village in Europe? You could incorporate rope into your handfasting cords as a memento of your wedding location. Are you a couple that loves walks on the beach? Try adorning the ends of the ribbons with seashells. It’s completely possible to DIY your handfasting ribbons, even using sentimental items of clothing for the cloth, or you can have them made bespoke. 

One of the best things about handfasting ceremonies is that afterwards the cords can be removed (usually without untying the knot) and kept forever as a keepsake from your elopement. 

Where to buy traditional handfasting cords online

Depending on how specific your ideas for your handfasting cord personalisation are, you have a range of options online. There are handfasting cord ideas here to suit every budget, and many are customisable!

Embracing Cords

A great mid-range option, with great personalisation options on colour and a variety of pendants to choose from which can be added separately.

From $35 – Shop Now on Etsy


Ceotha Cords – Bespoke artisan, hand-designed and crafted Celtic handfasting cords based in Scotland, offering ready-made and custom options.

From $40 – Shop Now on Etsy

Vow Books

Wooden Vow books from All For Love Boutique on Etsy

Lots of couples now choose to write their own vows, breaking away from tradition and instead opting to craft heartfelt sentiments that feel as free and honest as the location in which they are marrying. Of course you can combine this one with a handfasting ceremony if you choose to!

Writing your own vows is one of the most sentimental ways you can personalise your elopement, so why not record them in a special vow book each that you can then keep forever? They are often inexpensive to buy online and can usually be personalised with names or initials.

Where to buy vow books

There are loads of great places to get vow books online, but here are a few I found and love.

The Cosy Comfy Home

These boho-neutral coloured vow books can be personalised in your chosen colours and with your names and wedding date.

Prices from $34.50 – Buy Now

boho elopement vow book from cozy comfy home
Shop now from $34.50 at Cosy Comfy Home on Etsy
Print Smitten

These adventure-style vow books are great for mountain loving couples. You have options to change the cover colour and add your initials and elopement date.

Prices from $25 – Buy Now

Shop Print Smitten on Etsy
Forest Nine

Handmade leather vow books that can be personalised with your date and/or initials.

Price from $55 – Buy Now

Snowshoe Books

LGBTQ+ inclusive vow books that can be personalised on the first page with a selection on phrases.

Prices from $34 – Buy Now

Shop Snowshow Books on Etsy

Rings & Ring Boxes

Since many couples choosing an elopement wedding don’t want to be bound by tradition, it’s entirely possible to skip the exchanging of rings entirely or to do it during a legal ceremony separately instead. Just in case you do want to exchange rings on your elopement, ring holders to store them in before the ceremony can make for a lovely personalised elopement detail, and double up as keepsakes for ever after too. 

Where To Buy Unique Ring Boxes


You can find unusual wooden boxes which would suit wild, outdoorsy elopement ceremonies.

Woodthingstore oak ring boxes are $38.40 – Shop Now on Etsy

Mazocrafter walnut antique ring boxes are $90.53 – Shop Now on Etsy

Not On The High Street:

Great for personalisable ring boxes! I’ve found two options, one of which can be personalised with names and the other with a country of your choice. Perfect for remembering your destination elopement.

Natural Gift Store personalised wooden ring box at $24.17 – Shop Now

Clouds & Currents wooden country map ring box at $21.76 – Shop Now

Wedding Star:

This glass geometric ring keepsake is perfect for storing your rings, and can even hold additions from your elopement destination (you know, like that bit of rock you smuggled off the mountain…).

Personalised glass ring box around $40 – Shop now on Wedding Star

elopement keepsake box
Geometric glass ring box from Wedding Star

Unique Photo Moments

Bride and groom hold a sign that says "we eloped" as they kiss in the snow. The perfect detail to mark the occasion.

Just Married & We Eloped Signs

Signage can be a really fun way to add personal details, such as your wedding date and location, and inject quirkiness into your elopement photos. ‘Just eloped’ style signs are the perfect detail to mark the occasion. Here are a few of my favourites, available to buy online. The best part? They don’t take up much room in your suitcase!

R Fox Personalizations

Price from $36 – Buy Now on Etsy

High Oak and Co

From $36 – Shop Now on Etsy

Toasting Your Marriage With A Drink

Personalised Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are a great way of taking a special drink of your choice with you for your adventure elopement. They also make for fun photos! I’ve included a few great options you can buy online.

Kvartal Studio

Leather covered hip flasks with mountain scenes and personalisation options available.

Prices from $21 – Shop Now

Shop Kvartal Studio on Etsy

Want something special but don’t want to put your names or wedding date on it? These flasks from HORD can capture the location on your mountain elopement by hand-drawing a topographic map of it on to the flask.

Prices from $72 – Shop Now

Shop Topographic Hip Flasks from HORD
Autumn Woods Co.

Prefer more natural materials like wood? Then you’ll love these wooden flasks by Autumn Woods Co. on Etsy. They can also be personalised with a name or date.

Prices from $40 – Buy Now

Autumn Woods Co hip flask elopement detail
Hip flask from Autumn Woods Co.

Camping Mugs

Bride and groom drink prosecco from Mr & Mrs camping mugs after their mountain climbing elopement in the Dolomites

Camping mugs are the perfect addition to your hiking, climbing or mountain elopement photos! An authentic sense of adventure and a hot drink await.

Etsy has a great selection of personalisable camping mugs – you can add your names and a custom message to most of them, and they would also double up as great elopement morning gifts!

KamprCo customisable wedding mugs – Shop Now on Etsy

camping mugs for elopement
Customisable camping mugs from KamprCo on Etsy

Personalise your elopement with memorable details

By using this guide to the elopement details you must not forget, you’ll add thoughtful touches throughout the adventure that will make for epic photos, awesome memories and wonderful keepsakes to look back on! The single most important detail not to forget is that YOU are at the heart of your elopement, so every decision should feel true and exciting for you and your partner.

For more great tips on making your elopement personal and unique, check out THIS blog – it’s full of little nuances you can add to personalise your ceremony!

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