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The Faroe Islands are being called “The Next Iceland” and for good reason. This little archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean is a nature lovers paradise. The breathtaking scenery is still unspoiled and even in “high season” you can hike without seeing too many other people on the trails. Last month I was in the Faroe Islands for an elopement with a wonderful couple from Ireland and Singapore, and also an adventure session with a gorgeous couple from Russia. So I thought it might be fun to put together a short post with some inspiration for a Faroe Islands Elopement

Faroe Islands Elopement Inspiration

If you are considering the Faroe Islands for your elopement in Europe, you’ll be blown away by the amazing locations you can find. Sitting out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the weather in the Faroe Islands can be quite wild, but if you aren’t put off by stormy skies, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, they have a saying in the Faroe Islands “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes”.

Dasha and Andrei were visiting the Faroe Islands from Russia and on the penultimate day of their adventure, I met them at a beautiful location a short drive from the capital Torshavn for a mini adventure session. These two met at a rock concert of an Icelandic band and are both super creative. They both had the most incredible style, which really matched their personalities. If you’re curious about what a black wedding dress would look like, just check out Dasha’s amazing backless black dress that blew dramatically in the wild Faroese wind.

Goth couple in black outfits in the Faroe Islands by Wild Connections Photography An elopement in the Faroe Islands with a black dress by Wild Connections Photography A Faroe Islands Elopement with a black dress by Wild Connections Photography An elopement styled couple shoot in the Faroe Islands by Wild Connections Photography


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Here’s a real elopement in the Faroe Islands:

Bailey & Joseph’s Faroe Islands Elopement


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