Hiking Elopement Footwear

Choosing what footwear to wear for a hiking elopement can be challenging. You want your footwear to complement your outfit, but also keep your comfortable and safe if you are hiking on uneven trails where there could be a risk of slipping. If you’re wearing a long dress, the reality is that your feet won’t show most of the time, but you still want a boot or shoe that looks nice.

One of the most popular options for adventure elopements are brown leather hiking boots, as they look stylish but are also functional and supportive.

Bride wearing hiking boots in the Dolomites

What Shoes Are Best For Hiking Elopements?

For elopements where there is only a small amount of walking, some brides have chosen boots with a small heel or wedge, while grooms sometimes go with something like a leather Oxford shoe or Brogues. Sometimes both of the couple opts for something like a Converse sneaker for a comfortable and informal look. However with all of these options, one of the biggest problems is the lack of tread on the bottom of the shoe. While not all trails may be steep, even easy trails often have sections of gravel or uneven surfaces, and these shoes offer no grip against slipping or support against rolled ankles. For this reason, I recommend that the choice of shoe even for small hikes should have a good sole profile underneath so that you have good grip.

Below you can see an ideal tread profile for a hiking boot:

For elopements that involve hiking in challenging terrain or longer hikes, I strongly suggest a more technical hiking boot, with gore-tex waterproofing, Vibram rubber soles, and ankle support.

Here are some ideas of boots that can look great for an adventure elopement. Some are more technical hiking boots where others are fashion footwear with light tread and weatherproofing. When you are choosing, consider the terrain you will be exploring on your wedding day:

Before Your Elopement:

1 – Break In Your Boots

If you are buying new shoes, make sure you fully break them in before your elopement. New boots can give you blisters if you’ve not broken them in, so take them on a hike or two to make sure they are comfortable.

2 – Take Them To Your Fitting

If you are having a fitting before your elopement, take your boots with you. Hiking boots are usually have quite thick soles, so you might want to check the length of your dress with your boots on. You’ll also want to check the front of the dress isn’t too long as you don’t want to risk tripping on it while you are hiking.