how to plan an adventure wedding in 5 easy steps guide

How To Plan An Adventure Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

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For a lot of adventurous couples out there, the world of weddings can feel pretty alien. I mean do you really want to be sitting at home comparing calligraphy fonts and choosing ceremony readings when could be outside in the backcountry and having fun?

If your answer to this is HELL NO, then what you need is an adventure wedding!

Planning You Adventure Wedding

1. Pick A Season or An Activity

Let’s be honest here, for a lot of outdoor lovers there are only 2 seasons in a year! The ski season (also known as winter with a bit of spring) and the hiking & climbing or surfing season (also known as  spring, summer and autumn).

Trash the dress ski and snowboard after-wedding shoot in Tyrol Austria by Wild Connections Photography

2. Pick A Location

Adventure is not just about the destination, it’s about the journey. Is there a mountain you’ve always dreamed of summiting or a landscape you’ve always dreamed of exploring? Make that part of your adventure wedding. That could be saying your vows on the top of Mont Blanc and then paragliding back down or exploring ice caves and volcanoes in the daytime in Iceland then searching for northern lights once it gets dark. Or perhaps it’s somewhere you’ve already been and is so special to you that you want to return there to get married.

3. Elopement or Wedding?

That feeling of facing a challenge together and overcoming it is something that adventurous couples know well, and it’s what makes their bond so strong, and is why many choose to elope. Plus, finding someone to legally marry you if you’re getting married in the middle of nowhere can be rather tricky! If you’re worried about upsetting friends and family by eloping, but would rather do the main part alone, there’s no reason not to have a big celebration with friends and family when you get back.

winter wedding in kitzbuhel austria

4. Pick Your Team

Whether it’s an adventure wedding planner to help you with logistics or a photographer to document your whole adventure, look for people who share your passions. With adventure weddings, this is even more important than ever. A total stranger who shares your interests will start to feel like a long lost mate once you start swapping stories. They will understand your wedding vision better than anyone. If you’re choosing to combine your wedding day with a sport or outdoor activity, you’ll also want people who are competent and understand the demands of those too.

5. Pack Your Bags And Let’s Go

That’s the beauty of adventure weddings. You don’t have months of selecting stationary, creating table plans and deciding on a wedding menu. You’ve found a destination and you know how you’re getting there. You’ve got a great team to help you document your adventure. So that’s pretty much it. Book flights and hire transport if you need to, pack your stuff and let’s go!

Seefeld Austria wedding

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