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Iceland first stole my heart in November 2014 when Menno and I visited for our honeymoon. I’d just purchased my first DSLR camera and I had ambitions of being the next National Geographic contributor. In reality my pictures weren’t really all that great. But even my slightly soft shots from that trip reminded of the wild spirit that Iceland awoke in me. Looking back of course I wish we’d had an Iceland wedding, but perhaps we’ll just have to save that for our 10th wedding anniversary.

I’ve done a few wedding photography workshops before, but many have left me feeling deflated rather than motivated, so for the last 12 months I’ve invested my education budget in to other avenues.

But when I saw a Facebook post from Sascha Kraemer that he was running an Iceland wedding photography workshop with Marko Marinkovic, I dropped everything and sent an email to see if there was still space. I reserved my place, booked my flights and started counting down the days. Two and a half years on from my first visit, I finally returned to this wild and untamed land. And it was just as amazing as I remembered it.

During the workshop Sascha and Marko shared everything with us about their work and the highs and lows of being in the business of wedding photography.  We talked about workflow, marketing and about how to stay inspired and find your own voice in this crowded industry. But even though the information they were sharing at the workshop was great, the amount of support that they have shown to all of us even after the workshop has been more valuable than I can put in to words. They are never too busy to answer our questions or give advice and for this I will be eternally grateful.

But the workshop wasn’t just about classroom sessions. You wouldn’t need to fly all the way to Iceland for that. After the mornings of inspitation we headed out in to the wilderness with the most gorgeous couple, Josi and Freddy, to capture their Icelandic adventure on camera, with some tips and tricks from Sascha and Marko.

Coming home from the trip, I can’t stop looking at the images I took. Following their advice, I finally feel like I’m getting so much clearer on my own voice and my purpose.

Thanks again to Sascha and Marko for organising this amazing trip, to Josi and Freddy for braving the fierce Icelandic weather and I Am Yours for the stunning dress.

View of Iceland from airplane window Aerial Photo of Iceland Aerial photo of Iceland over wing of plane Image of a field in Iceland as snow starts to fall Thingvellir Iceland wedding photograph of couple walking in a field Couple embracing in Thingvellir Iceland Couple kissing with lake Thingvellir in Iceland in the background Grassy field and isolated rocks in Thingvellier Bride and groom walking over rocks in Thingvellir Iceland Thingvellir Iceland bride and groom kissing standing amongst rocks Thingvellir wedding Bride and groom embracing with rocks behind them. Bride's hair is blowing across her face by Wild Connections Photography Bride embracing groom from behind and going to kiss his cheek Bride and groom walking among the rocks Bride and groom kissing in Thingvellir National Park Thingvellir Bride and Groom kissing Moss covered rocks in Iceland Picture of long dry grass Bride and groom walking hand in hand as wind blows the bride's dress and hair Mossy rock A mountain stream in Iceland View of a large waterfall from behind the rocks Bride and groom holding hands with large waterfall in the background Icelandic Bride looking at her dress as it blows in the wind Bride's dress blowing in the wind in Iceland Groom approaching the bride and putting his arms around her Bride wearing a knitted cardigan Close up of the lace details on the bride's wedding dress The wedding dress train getting dirty in the mud Iceland wedding Bride and groom standing and kissing as part of a wide landscape picture of a waterfall by Wild Connections Photography Close up of a rock with a bride in the distance Wedding dress blowing dramatically in the wind Bride and groom on the top of a rock embracing A river valley in Iceland with a river flowing out towards the coast A river in Iceland Icelandic horses peering through a metal gate Brown Icelandic horses coming closer to the camera Rock formation in Iceland A picture of the landscape on the south coast of Iceland Picture of a bride's brown boots as she is walking Bride and groom in a field in Iceland Bride embracing the groom from behind as his tie blows in the wind Bride standing behind the groom and looking in to the camera as her hair blows in the wind Picture of the bride's back tattoo The bride's hair blowing across her face Bride and groom embracing as her hair blows in the wind Black beach cafe in Iceland Danger signs at the black beach in Vik Shoe selfie standing on the black beach in Vik Man standing on the black beach in Iceland Black sand and big waves at the beach in Vik Iceland Coastal rock formations in the distance from the black beach at Vik Footprints in the sand on the black beach Black beach wedding picture of the shoes of the groom and the bottom of the bride's dress on the black beach at Vik by Wild Connections Photography Iceland Black Beach Wedding photo with bride and groom embracing on the black beach by Wild Connections PhotographyTowing rock pillars on the black beach Footprints in the black sandLooking inland from Iceland's black beach Iceland Wedding with Bride and groom walking hand in hand along the black beach at Vik by Wild Connections PhotographyGroom kissing the bride's hand wedding dress blowing in the wind picture of a dirty wedding dress against the black sand Bride and groom leaning in for a kiss on the black beach Basalt columns and cave at the black beach Close up of black rocks Basalt rock details Cave on the black beach Blurry picture of bride and groom leaning against the rock wall Bride and groom leaning against the rock wall Bride leaning against groom and looking in to the camera Close up of the bride as the groom embraces her Iceland Black Beach bride and groom in cave Group of people walking away from the camera


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