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Michelle and Wayne first came to Austria 18 years ago. Tired of beach holidays, they decided to look for something different and stumbled across a lakes and mountains brochure. Wayne told Michelle she could choose where they went, and Westendorf in Tirol was her pick. From their first visit, they fell in love with Austria and the mountains, and they’ve been coming back every year since then. So they decided there was no better place to get married than in an igloo wedding on the mountain.

When Michelle and Wayne started planning their wedding, they discussed a few different locations. One thing that they were certain of was that they wanted their wedding to be an unforgettable experience for everyone that attended. Finally, they decided that Westendorf would be most perfect location. It was already like a second home for them, and finally, they could share their love of the mountains with their friends and family.

An Igloo Wedding In Austria

On the day before their mountain wedding, heavy rain and gale force winds raged through the valley. But on the morning of the wedding day, the clouds parted ways to let the sunshine through.

Their intimate mountain ceremony took place in a rustic wooden cabin away from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes of the Hochbrixen ski area. After a champagne reception, everyone changed on to their warm winter clothing for Michelle and Wayne’s winter wonderland experience.

Guests were welcomed to the igloo village with cocktails were served in ice glasses. After a quick introduction to the igloo, the whole wedding party got to try their ice carving skills in the Alpeniglu Village. Their icy artworks included masterpieces such as love hearts, a mini igloo, the Scottish flag and even a diplodocus dinosaur!

After admiring their finished creations, guests were welcomed into the ice banquet hall for a igloo wedding reception with a difference.

Hotel Post Westendorf hotel information folder Kitzbuhel Westendorf piste map Bottle of sparkling wine, a bottle of water and a swarovski bracelet sitting on a table Hotel Post Westendorf hotel slippers and bridesmaids shoes Bridesmaid helps bride Michelle lace up her wedding dress by the hotel room window Bride Michelle stands by the window as her wedding dress is laced up Close up of Michelle's wedding dress being laced up Close up of the hands tying the laces on Michelle's wedding dress Close up of the hand of bride Michelle as she puts on her swarovski bracelet Irregular Choice Wedding Shoes hanging on a canvas picture of mountains in a hotel room Irregular Choice Wedding Shoes lying on the bathroom floor. Shoes showing colourful soles. A can of red bull by the bed in the Groom's hotel room The groom Wayne's suit hanging on the wardrobe door in his hotel room Close up of the buttons on the sleeve of Wayne, the groom's suit The groom Wayne's brown leather shoes on a tartan fabric stool The groom Wayne helps his son getting dressed for the wedding Wayne, bending down, reassures his son who is nervous about the wedding Wayne getting his son ready, with a toy car in the foreground Wayne helping his son Ethan with the final touches An artificial flower bouquet in red and white with lots of brooches The brother of the bride arrives to check on progress The mother of the bride models her snow boots for the wedding The bride Michelle's white snow boots lie on the floor A pint of Austrian larger Kaiser on a bar The groom Wayne waits on the hotel bar and drinks a beer The groom Wayne drinking a beer in the hotel bar before the wedding The wedding rings sit on a old wooden log used for a traditional Austrian nail and hammer game Wayne and his son Ethan walking down a corridor as they prepare to depart for the wedding The bride Michelle walking down a corridor as she prepares to leave for her wedding The bridal party sitting in their taxi The bride Michelle smiling during the taxi ride to her ceremony A close up of the bride Michelle holding her bouquet and a ticket for the ski lift in Brixen The bride Michelle with wedding planner Stephanie walking to the ski lift in Brixen The bride enters the ski lift area along with a skier Michelle disembarks from the cable car at the top of the mountain The groom Wayne patiently waits for his bride at the top of the ski lift in Brixen Wedding Ski-Doo takes Wayne and Michelle to their ceremony on a trailer Guests wait outside the Seminaralm in Brixen for the arrival of the bride and groom The wedding guests at the seminaralm film the arrival of the bride and groom on their phones The wooden door of the ceremony venue with a sign saying please do not disturb. The bridesmaid and Ethan arrive to the ceremony The groom Wayne waits nervously on Michelle Michelle is walked down their aisle by her brother Michelle and Wayne are seated at their ceremony holding hands Michelle and Wayne smile as their registrar says something amusing The ceremony notes of the registrar Wayne and Michelle holding hands under the table A photo from the back of the ceremony at the seminaralm with the bride and groom sitting at the front The bride Michelle wipes away a tear Wayne and Michelle stand to make their vows Wayne looks at Michelle lovingly as she looks thoughtfully down at the table Their son Ethan watches carefully as his parents get married Ethan gives his mum the wedding rings Wayne places the ring on Michelle's finger Michelle places Wayne's wedding ring on his finger Michelle signs the marriage register Wayne signs the marriage register Ethan is invited to sign the marriage registerWayne and Michelle smile as their son Ethan signs the register Wayne and Michelle walk back down the aisle in the mountain hut as husband and wife Mountain Lodge Wedding at the seminaralm as Wayne & Michelle walk down the wooden staircase after their ceremony Wedding guests stand outside the mountain cabin with drinks and look out towards the mountains Two wedding guests wearing kilts, and one wearing snowboard boots The groom Wayne stands outside the cabin with some guests laughing Confetti petals trapped in Michelle's wedding dress Traditional Austrian bread for sandwiches at the wedding Open bottles of Schlumberger sparkling wine The brother of the bride checks his phone while his nephew sits next to him playing with toy cars A guests collects some bottles of beer which were being kept cool in the snow A snowboard rests against the wall of the cabin as the wedding guests stand outside chatting A group picture of the whole wedding party outside the seminaralm mountain hut in Brixen im Thale The bride and groom take a selfie outside the Seminaralm Wayne escorts Michelle around the outside of the seminaralm Wayne standing behind Michelle leaning against the wooden hut wall looking across to the mountains A picture of Wayne & Michelle embracing against the side of the hut, taken through the branches of a pine tree The bride and groom embracing outside the seminaralm with mountains in the background Wayne and Michelle throw snow up in to the air Wayne and Michelle embrace whilst standing on the top of the mountain with snow covered mountains behind them in the distance Wayne and Michelle stand facing each other in the snow with snow covered mountains in the background Wayne and Michelle walking hand in hand through the snow with a ski lift in the background Individual portraits of Wayne and Michelle The bride's shoes and bouquet lie on a wooden table with an empty champagne glass and juice carton. The guests are welcomed to the Alpeniglu by the manager A blue cocktail in an ice glass A close up picture of the bar made out of ice Close up of a bowl made of ice on the ice bar in the igloo Wayne, Michelle and Ethan enjoy a drink in an ice booth sitting at an ice table in the igloo Ice blocks are placed on plinths outside the igloo The ice blocks fixed and ready for carving A smiling female wedding guests wearing a coat with a fur-trimmed hood Two male wedding guests with chisels begin carving their block of ice Wayne and Michelle discuss to to carve their block of ice Ice flies off as couple starts chipping away at their ice block during ice sculpting Close up of a couple sculpting their ice block with chisels as ice chips fly off Two ladies laughing as they chip away at their ice block the girls laugh as their ice sculpture starts to take shape Close up of ice flakes flying off as a chisel hits the ice The groom holds up a heart carved out of ice A heart carved in to the ice An ice sculpture of an Igloo A block of ice carved with a Scottish flag Two ladies carve an animal out of ice Ethan shows off the heart they carved out of the ice The guests gather outside the Igloo Lizards carved in to the walls of the Igloo A Igloo wedding chapel in the Igloo Alpeniglu in Brixen by Wild Connections Photography Ice sculptures in the igloo in Brixen Ice sculpture of tadpoles in a lake Igloo Wedding breakfast fondue in the Igloo at a giant ice table by Wild Connections Photography Animals carved from ice as a centre piece in the middle of the ice table Igloo wedding dinner - Bread, meat and cheese in bowls ready for the fondue dinner by Wild Connections Photography Blue table decorations for the igloo wedding breakfast The fondue pots are prepared for the wedding breakfast in the igloo The guests gather around the ice table before dinner Guests take their seats at the ice table in the igloo The brother of the bride makes a speech in the Igloo at dinner Michelle and Wayne laugh at the best man's speech The best man stands up to make a speech after dinner in the igloo and Michelle get's emotional Wayne and Michelle laugh at the speeches The best man reads his speech wearing a thermal poncho The guests gather back at the ice bar A traditional Austrian musician with an accordion starts to play in the igloo bat Michelle and Wayne do the traditional Austrian folk wedding dance A Jägermeister box sits on the ice bar in the Alpeniglu The guests stand around the ice bar as the accordion player plays traditional Austrian folk music


Wedding Planning & Coordination: Dreamotions Weddings & Events – Stephanie Rügner
Ceremony Location: Seminaralm Filzalmsee Hochbrixen
Reception Location: Alpeniglu Hochbrixen
Ski Area: SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental
Getting Ready Location: Hotel Post Westendorf
Bride’s Shoes: Irregular Choice


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