Three years ago, as our first real adventure as husband and wife, Menno and I visited a really special place in Tirol and ever since I’ve found my love of photography, I wanted to go back.

An almost two-hour drive and a six hour round trip hike, the Gepatschferner Glacier in the Kaunertal Valley is the second largest in Austria. From the road there’s an easy hike along the valley floor to the tongue of the glacier, but for anyone willing to put in the effort to make the hike up from the valley, you can reach the edge of the glacier and come face to face with the giant crevasses, which are absolutely breathtaking. Just whatever you do, don’t walk on the ice unless you are with a mountain guide with special safety equipment!

The area that surrounds it is also magnificent and if you’re really lucky, there’s a chance you won’t see another soul during your hike in to the mountains. But you might come across sheep, alpine chamois and even marmots!

Menno tying his hiking boot lacesMenno walking away from the camera up a hiking trailClose up of snow crystals on the grassAlpenrose flowers with snow on themWide angle picture of the Kauntertal Glacier road zig-zagging up the moutainsideClose up photo of winding road up the mountainMenno walking through bushes covered in a dusting of snowMenno walking up mountain path with some snow on the groundClose up of an Austrian hiking trail marker on a rockPhoto of Cat stopping for a rest on a mountain trail surrounded by light snowfallPicture of a mountain valley with a glacier in the distanceZoomed in photo of the glacier in the valleyA brown sheep standing on the hiking trailA brown sheep on the hillside looking at the cameraMenno walking down a rocky path towards the Kaunertal Glacier tongueAustrian hiking trail sign painted on a rockSmall succulents growing between the rocksPhoto of the Gepatschferner glacier tonguePhoto of the Kauntertal glacier tongue cutting through the valleyClose up of the cracks in the glacial ice as it meets the valley rocks Close up of the glacial ice and the large cracks in itPicture in to a small ice cave in the glacier with a blue glow in the iceThe sun shining above the glacier iceClose up of the blue glow inside the cracks of the glacierLarge ice boulders meet the gravel at the sides of the valleyClose up of water dripping from the glacierClose up of water melting off small icicles Photo of rocks worn down by glacial errosionphoto looking in to a small ice cave in the glacierStacked rocks near the glacierA gams mountain goat hiding in the treesYellow hiking trail markerA view from the mountain looking down at the winding road and valleyClose up view looking down at the winding mountain road from the Kaunertal glacierA marmot peeks out from under a rockA cold mountain lake near the Kaunertal glacierA view of the Gepatschferner glacier tongue from across the valleyA closer view of the glacier through the Kaunertal valleyCows walking down the middle of the road in the Kaunertal valley in AustriaWinding road leaving the Kaunertal valley in Austria


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