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Lake Achensee, sometimes called “The Fjord of the Alps” is the largest lake in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is also the deepest at over 100 meters deep. It’s probably also one of the coldest, as you’ll find out if you’re ever been tempted to take a paddle in the clear shallow waters along the shoreline.

Melanie & Jesse

Melanie was born here in Tyrol but moved to the USA almost 20 years ago, where she met the gorgeous Jesse. Even though they have built a life together in Oklahoma with their two gorgeous dogs Sadie and Axel, Melanie has always dreamt of getting married in the mountains in Austria.

After a rather stressful journey and an unexpected last minute trip to get a passport renewed, they finally made it to Austria. The main reason for their visit was to visit family and start wedding planning. Melanie & Jesse wanted to have some engagement pictures taken whilst in Austria. Not just to capture this exciting time, but also to show friends and family back at home how beautiful Austria is.

During our time together up at the Achensee, we were treated to some stunning evening light as the golden sun started to sink behind the mountains. Although I’m not sure Melanie and Jesse were able to enjoy the scenery that much, as from where I was standing, it was each other that they couldn’t take their eyes off!

A landscape picture of Lake Achensee in Austria Couple walking hand in hand around Lake Achensee Couple walking along the shore of the lake Engaged couple Melanie & Jesse kissing Melanie and Jesse standing on the shore of Lake Achensee Close up of couple hugging by the lakeside Engaged couple looking at each other in front of a mountain lake in Austria Close up of a couple holding hands Engaged couple sitting and embracing at the lake side Couple sitting on the shore of a mountain lake in Austria Couple standing face to face in front of a mountain lake in Austria Couple walking hand in hand along forest path Couple facing each other and holding hands in front of the mountains and sunset Couple embracing with golden sunset glow behind them Close up of couple embracing Couple embracing and kissing with mountains in the background at sunset Boyfriend Jesse dips Melanie to kiss her Boots Haus in Pertisau am Achensee Couple standing in front of boat house Melanie & Jesse in front of the Bootshaus in Pertisau Couple sitting in front of field of wildflowers with sunset behind Couple walking towards old Austrian farm house Couple standing in doorframe of old Austrian farmhouse Closeup of Melanie & Jesse's hands as he embraces her Wide shot of old Austrian farm house with couple in the door frame Couple kissing in front of old Austrian wooden farm house


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