You might think I’ve gone mad, but I’m going to put it out there. I think Lapland is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, whether you have a week or just a long weekend.

From November to April, the area in northern Scandinavia known as Lapland becomes a postcard-perfect image of a winter wonderland. And it turns in to the perfect place for adventure loving couples to go for a break. It’s possible to fit in some exciting activities and still be able to come home feeling relaxed and refreshed.

So let’s look at why I believe Lapland is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

Lapland Romantic Getaway

1. It’s Insanely Beautiful
I think the term winter wonderland was coined to describe Lapland. I’ve lived in Austria for 7 years now, so I’m used to snow in the winter time, but Lapland was just something else entirely. It’s a frozen world. Everything as far as you can see is covered in snow. And being above the arctic circle, the sun remains low in the sky which causes everything around you to glisten.

2. You Have A Good Chance Of Seeing The Northern Lights
Being so far north, Lapland is one of the best places in Europe to see the northern lights (or aurora borealis). From September to March the long polar nights mean that the sky is really dark and the chances of the auroras being visible increase greatly.

3. There Are Lots Of Adventures To Be Had
If you love adventure as much as we do, then a romantic getaway still needs to include some fun and exciting activities. You’ll be spoiled for choice in Lapland, and you might well be able to cross off another bucket list item while you are there. My absolute favourite activity was husky sledding. But there’s so much to choose from. You can go snow-shoeing, visit a reindeer farm, try cross-country skiing, visit ice palaces or even rent snowmobiles. And for all the winter sports lovers, you can even go skiing or snowboarding in many resorts.

4. Long Nights
You might think that with all the activities on offer, this romantic getaway is starting to sound rather exhausting, BUT, here’s the thing. Winter in Lapland means long, dark nights. We visited in mid-February and it was light from around 9 am until around 4 pm. That mean lovely lazy mornings in our cosy apartment and chilled out evenings around the fireplace after a late-afternoon sauna session.

 Want to see a highlight video of our trip? Here’s a short film made by my wonderful husband.

Levi, Finland from Menno Ekkelboom on Vimeo.

You can also see my photographs from the trip HERE


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