Moody Hiking Elopement in Tirol – Arielle & Alex

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Arielle & Alex were excited to go hiking for their elopement in the Tirol region of Austria. But on the day of their elopement, they woke up to thick clouds and light showers.

After getting ready separately in their suite at the Gramai Alm, they had a sweet first look outside. Since the rain had subsided, they headed out into the meadows in front to exchange their vows, with the clouds slowly lifting around them.

Determined not to be put off by the weather, and after assessing the weather forecast and other options, we decided to stick with plan A and head out on the original hike. The clouds were coming in and out, and the forecast was for the day to stay dry until around 3pm, when we were due to be back anyway.

The hike that they undertook was no easy feat. The trail was steep and in places, quite slippy after a night of rain. But they powered through almost 700m of altitude gain to get to the highest point of the hike.

The clouds came and went a little, but never cleared completely, meaning sometimes we were hiking through dense fog and other times we’d get a glimpse of the stunning scenery that surrounded us. Every time there was a clearing, we ran and made the most of the views.

Because of the weather, Arielle and Alex practically had the trails to themselves all day. Except for the odd lonely hiker who congratulated them (in slight disbelief that they made it up there in that weather) and a group of hikers who made a corridor and cheered as they walked through.

Just as we returned to the valley and the shelter of the hotel for a drink and some warm food, the most almighty rain storm came crashing down – just as the forecast predicted it would. We watched from the terrace and laughed about how we really did time everything just perfectly.

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