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Kelly & Arik walk along the mountain path on their wedding day in Innsbruck by Wild Connections Photography
Dear Wonderful Wedding Guests,
We are thrilled that you have chosen to embark on this adventure with us. We want this experience to be unforgettable and to help you in enjoying the day, we’ve got a few wedding day survival tips for you.

These Jimmy Choos weren’t made for walking

We understand that you want to dress up for our wedding. We’ve picked out special outfits too! 😉 Our location will take your breath away, we promise. Whilst we are not expecting you to hike for 3 hours to get to there (we’ve arranged a cable car especially to transport you up), the footpaths to the venue are hiking trails or ski slopes and we want you to get there safely. Flat shoes or boots are really the best options. And if you really can’t bear to leave your dancing shoes in the chalet, then pack them in your bag and change once you’re inside.

Bring Sunscreen

Do you remember the time we posted pictures of ourselves with terrible panda eyes during a summer skiing trip on the glacier? At higher altitudes, the sun is stronger but you don’t always feel the heat, which means you burn much faster, often without realising until it’s too late. Put on a high UV protection factor sunscreen and bring a small one with you to top up with during the day. A small lip balm is also nice to keep your lips from cracking.


It’s a wedding. Of course, we’re going to celebrate and have a few drinks. But at higher altitudes, alcohol has a stronger effect on the body, meaning you will get drunk faster than you would normally. We’re not just saying that to excuse our behaviour, honestly! You’ll also dehydrate much faster, so drinking lots of water throughout the day is really going to make you feel better (and hopefully reduce the chances of a hangover the next morning).

Four Seasons in One Day

One of the reasons we love being in the mountains is the feeling of being completely surrounded by nature. And sometimes the power of nature can be pretty mighty. It’s not impossible to experience some pretty extreme weather conditions so it’s good to be prepared. We’ll try to keep everyone updated on the weather forecast before the wedding, but make sure you are prepared for wind, rain, sunshine and snow. Hopefully, we won’t experience all four seasons in one day, but it can happen. We’ll have a backup plan in place for really bad weather, but a bit of rain or wind isn’t going to stop us.

Take A Deep Breath And Open Your Eyes

We want you to have a great day with us and enjoy the location as much as we do. We find that sometimes the best way to experience and connect with a place is to take a moment alone (or with someone you love) and just sit for a moment in silence and enjoy the magnificent world that we live in.



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