Planning an elopement Timeline

Planning An Elopement Timeline

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Many couples who are planning an elopement choose to do so because they don’t want the stress of planning a big wedding. Eloping means that the whole day can be planned around exactly what you want to do. But even though you are free to spend the day exactly how you like, there’s something to be said for planning an elopement timeline.

How Many Hours Is An Elopement?

If you’ve ever been to a traditional wedding, you might have seen that the photographer arrives in the morning for getting ready and leaves at the end of the night. For a traditional wedding, it’s normal to capture the whole day. But when it comes to elopements, there’s an assumption that it’s just a ceremony and a few quick portraits.

But I believe that your elopement day MATTERS and that you deserve to have the whole story captured too.

But what would you do for a whole day?

Just imagine the most incredible day ever. What would it look like? What would you do? What would you eat? Where would you sleep?

Your day could include:

* Hiking, climbing, yoga, skiing

*Taking a helicopter tour

* A picnic

* Stargazing

* Relaxing in a hot tub

What if I told you that some couples actually book multiple days for their elopements? Here are some examples:

Mountain Climbing Elopement
Multi-Day Hiking Elopement
Snowshoe Winter Elopement

What would your perfect wedding day include?

Skiing wedding in Austria by Wild Connections Photography

Why Is Planning An Elopement Timeline Important?

Planning an elopement timeline is mainly to make sure that you make the most of your elopement, and you capture the best possible pictures of your day. It doesn’t need to be an hour by hour timeline. Just a brief plan or outline for the day, and where you want to be certain times, with plenty of time left for spontaneity!

There are two main reasons I’ll always plan a timeline together with you for your elopement:

1. Planning The Logistics

I.e. Making sure you have time to do all the epic sh*t you want to do!

One of the main reasons for planning an elopement timeline is so that you have an overview of your day, and you can see how much time you’ll need to plan to make sure you can do all the things you want, and visit the locations you really want to see.

When you’re planning the timeline, the things you’ll want to work out include how long it takes to get ready, travel time between locations, peak visiting times if it’s a busy location, opening times and of course meal breaks.

Elopement in Ireland

2. Getting The Best Light

With the wonderful flexibility that comes with an elopement, it means that we can help you plan the day around when the best light is going to be hitting certain locations. It’s no secret that the best light happens twice a day; at sunrise and sunset. A sunrise elopement definitely takes a lot of dedication, especially in the summer months when you’re looking at times as early as 5am. But you also have that stunning light that comes at the end of the day. The golden hour running up to the sunset, and the pretty blue hour that comes just afterwards. This light at the end of the day is just pure magic, and it’s 100% worth planning an elopement timeline to make sure that you get to make the most of it.

Of course, if you’re planning an adventure elopement and you’re going to be out in the wilderness somewhere, you’ll also need to make sure you’ve got the equipment with you to either camp or make your way back home safely once it has gone dark.

Bavarian Alps Wedding by Wild Connections Photography

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