A ski and snowboard wedding in Austria by Wild Connections Photography

You don’t want a traditional wedding. You prefer things a bit more unconventional and you want your wedding to be a celebration of the things you love. You don’t care too much for designer stilettos or expensive flowers and you’d rather put your mark on the day by hitting the slopes or climbing a mountain and don’t care if your dress gets a little dirty in the process.

You want a photographer who you connect with, someone who understands you and your desire to spend this important day doing something epic that you’ll never forget! You want someone to capture the story of your greatest adventure yet!

Not all couples dream of a big traditional wedding. So if you're feeling overwhelmed right now, you're not alone. I'm here to give you permission to do things differently!

Since 2015, I've been working with couples from all around the world to create a meaningful wedding day that focuses on what's important to them. From skiing weddings in the Alps to hiking elopements in the Dolomites, I've helped lots of couples, just like you, to have a wedding day that celebrated their relationship in a completely unique & authentic way.

Do you want a day focused on you and the things you love?

You are freethinking, adventurous and wildly independent, and as much as you love your family & friends, you're sick of arguing over guest lists and menu options, and you can't believe how much you're expected to spend on things you don't even care about. Are you ready to do things your way?

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The benefits of hiring a local for your elopement in the Dolomites & Tirol

When I first visited the Dolomites, long before they gained their widespread fame, I instantly fell in love. Choosing neighbouring Tirol as my home fills me with everlasting gratitude. My affection for this region runs deep, which is why I consider it a great honor to share this love with couples who decide to elope in this corner of the Alps. While Tirol still manages to fly relatively under the radar of many tourists, the fame of the Dolomites has skyrocketed due to social media. And this doesn't come without issues.

The Dolomites especially exude a mesmerizing and powerful charm that attracts people from all walks of life, including elopement photographers. It's no surprise that many have added this region to their bucket lists.

However, because it is so desirable, there are a lot of people who:

* advertise themselves as local photographers through deceptive web pages, despite not being genuinely connected to the region
* have never actually set foot in the Dolomites and rely solely on second-hand information from the internet
* may have visited the region a few times but are primarily motivated by receiving a "free trip to the Dolomites" or using your elopement to enhance their portfolios. Unfortunately, this approach is detrimental to your experience and exploits the region

Supporting local photographers, who truly live and breathe the essence of the region, is crucial. By doing so, you contribute to the well-being and preservation of the Dolomites, rather than exploiting its beauty.

(And what mistakes you'll avoid!)

Why should you hire a local photographer in the Dolomites? For the following reasons:


This is my biggest priority, always. I hate seeing other photographers put couples in potentially dangerous situations because it looks good on a photo, or because of their lack of education in safe travel in alpine environments.

Part of being a certified guide is doing a risk assessment for every elopement I do. I evaluate aspects such as the conditions of the trails, any potential hazards and the weather, to make the final decisions of whether the route is safe. Trail conditions can change a lot throughout the year, and some are simply not safe if the conditions aren't right (such as if there's been heavy rain or there is still snow on the trails).

Working with a local photographer is the most sustainable option for a number of reasons. Firstly, you're not flying someone in, so their carbon footprint is much smaller. Then there's the fact that locals pay local taxes, and these contribute to really important things like road and trail maintenance. Over-tourism is also becoming a huge problem, and to help reduce your impact (and make your day more enjoyable), I'll help plan an itinerary that helps us minimise our impact on the places we visit.

avoid the tourist traps

Many photographers create pages on their sites with guides to eloping in the Dolomites (thankfully Tirol is less well known). Much of this information comes from travel blogs and Google, or from a couple of short trips to the area. The risks are that they may have visited in the off-season, or on a day where the weather wasn't great and they just got lucky that it wasn't busy. I've seen a number of posts describing "secret locations" or "hidden gems" that were actually anything but! Locals will know which locations are busy, and will be able to give you realistic advice on what to expect if you want to go there, and plenty of other equally epic options, should you decide you'd rather visit somewhere more quite to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Not all locations are accessible all year round. Many locations don't become accessible in the summer until the snow has melted, and this can be different every year depending on how the winter was (some locations aren't accessible into late June). A local will know how the conditions were over the winter, and what times of year different locations become accessible, and will have a number of safe backup options in the bag in case you need to revert to plan B.


& protect

One of my biggest pet peeves with non-local photographers in the Dolomites is the illegal flying of drones in protected areas, climbing over fences and general disregard for private property and the local inhabitants. Locals will never support this kind of behaviour, because the consequences hurt us, and potentially you too, as locations we love get closed off, bigger fences get put up and areas become irreparably damaged.



Travel included means that my own travel costs to your locations are included within the prices quoted.

What does "travel fees included" mean?


I try to shoot everything as true to life as possible and create a gallery that is a true representation of your day. If it’s bright and sunny on your wedding day, your pictures will be brighter than if it was dark and cloudy. I work primarily in a documentary style, which means I try to let as much unfold in front of me as possible. In other words, I’m there to capture your day as it happens. I’ll only give you some direction if it means placing you in better light or if something doesn’t quite work for the camera. My priority on a wedding day will always be to give you space to have the experience and the adventure that you want to have without you feeling like you have to stop to pose for photos every few minutes.

What is your shooting style?


Great question! And the answer is: it depends. The number of images in your final gallery depends a lot on the timings of your day as well as the number of people attending, and how much time is spend traveling between locations (either by foot or in the car). I don’t have a minimum number of images I deliver, but it averages around 500 for a single day and around 800 for 2 day coverage.

How many images will we get?


When do we get to see our final images?

You’ll get a small preview of your pictures no later than 1 week after your wedding day and the full edited gallery delivered to your inbox within 60 days from your wedding date.


You said the photos will be edited. What does that mean?

All photos that are selected for the final gallery with be post-processed to show them in their best form. This includes colour correction, optimising brightness and contrast in line with the style of images you see in my portfolio. I do not use photoshop to alter images. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than two people in love. I am there to capture your day as it happens, in an honest and real way. Of course, if you woke up with a red spot on your chin, I will take that out for you. I don’t give out unedited images. So much of the magic that makes up an image happens in the digital equivalent of the darkroom (known as Lightroom) and it’s also how I will create images that match my signature style. It’s boring but I have a legal obligation to deliver a final gallery that is representative of the work you see on my website (and unedited images look rubbish!).


Are you a qualified mountain guide?

I'm a certified hiking guide. That means I can officially guide you in terrain that's classified as "moderately difficult (red)". I can't take you climbing or into technical terrain, such as on glaciers or scrambling. If you want to explore more technical terrain or try your first via ferrata for your elopement, I recommend hiring a local IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide. I can still come along for the photos though!


Are you a wedding planner too?

I'm not a wedding planner, which means I can't book anything for you. In all of my packages, I will assist you with the planning of your wedding, which includes the following: assistance finding a location for your ceremony/photos, creating a timeline for your wedding day, planning advice around what to wear, how to prepare etc, sharing my contact list of other vendors you might need, such as wedding planners, florists, hair & makeup artists, videographers etc. If you want a planner who can assist you with booking your wedding and travel arrangements, I recommend Nadia from Amulet Events for weddings in Austria or Jlenia Costner for the Dolomites.


What if the weather is bad?

I'll always be prepared to shoot in any conditions, as long as it is safe to do so. I have professional-grade equipment that I've personally tested in some pretty harsh conditions. As part of the planning process, I'll make sure that we've got a plan B ready to go if the weather really does prevent us from doing what we had planned. But if it's just a bit of wind, rain or fog, don't let that put a downer on your day. Some of my favourite wedding days were bad weather ones, and most of the couples wouldn't have changed it for the world.


We are super awkward in front of the camera. Will that be a problem?

I've never worked with a couple who hasn't said this to me before. It's completely natural to be a little apprehensive about it, but honestly, after a while you'll forget I'm even there. This is why I make sure to speak to you over a video call right from the first enquiry, and why I'll become your Facebook/Instagram friend before your big day. I'll make sure that by the wedding day, you feel like I'm on old friend, so that you'll be able to just relax and be you. Whilst most of the pictures I take are unposed, I'll still be there to guide you so that you don't feel awkward or uncomfortable.


How far in advance should we book?

I don't usually take bookings more than 18-months in advance, however as soon as you know your wedding date (or you have a rough idea of when you want to get married) then get in touch.


We don't have a date yet. Can we still get some more information?

This is quite normal for couples who are planning an elopement. Even if your date isn't confirmed, I highly recommend contacting me as soon as possible to check my availability and travel schedule.


We don't know how many hours we need.

Don't worry! Most couples don't have a complete overview of how many hours their wedding day is going to be when they start planning. That's why I'm help you create a timeline for your day and for your photography. If you're not sure, I recommend booking the minimum coverage which saves your date, and upgrading to a higher package once the timeline is finalised. Unlike many photographers, I don't change you a higher rate if you upgrade at a later date. The prices will always stay locked in at the rates when you booked.


How do we book you?

The booking process starts as soon as you fill out my contact form. Once I've got your enquiry, you'll receive an email from me with my full pricing guide, as well as an invitation for a Zoom call. When you are ready to book your date, I'll send you a contract to sign as well as an invoice for a €1500 booking fee. Once both of these are completed, your date is reserved and we'll start the planning process.

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