Seefeld Wedding bride and groom kiss under the cable car which transports guests up the ski slope by Wild Connections Photography

Seefeld In Tirol Winter Wedding – Steph & Lee

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Steph and Lee aren’t skiers, but the popular ski resort of Seefeld was the perfect place for them to say their wedding vows to one another. It was here in Seefeld that Lee asked Steph to be his wife one year ago. Lee proposed at the top of the Rosshütte, so they decided to return here for their Seefeld Wedding.

A Mountain Wedding

They decided to keep their ceremony a very intimate affair with just family, including Steph’s adorable family westie Harold who performed the role of ring-bearer perfectly.

During the morning the blue skies slowly started to fade as the dark snow clouds rolled in. Tirol has been struggling with a lack of snow during the start of this winter season but while Steph and Lee stood at the top saying their vows, a few snowflakes started to fall from the skies, bringing that perfect snowy touch to their winter wonderland wedding.

Their heartfelt ceremony was held in English, led by the lovely Susan from Hochzeitsredner Tirol, who told us their love story, from the first time their eyes met, to today, promising their lives to each other on the top of a mountain in Austria.

Seefeld Wedding Green trees with a snow covered mountain peak in the background by Wild Connections Photography Piste plan for the Rosshütte ski area in Seefeld by Wild Connections Photography Skis lying on the floor in the snow at the bottom of a ski run The groom and his mum ride up the mountain in the funicular train The wedding guests board the tiny vintage ski lift to the Rosshuette peak in Seefeld by Wild Connections Photography The town of Seefeld from above, looking down the mountain The groom Lee is excited to reach the ceremony location to find some snow and puts both his arms up in the air West highland terrier Ring Bearer Harald looks at the camera A view looking down on the town of Seefeld which is still very green even though it is December Harold the dog with a blue bow tie Looking over Harold's ears as the groom Lee walks up the mountain towards him The groom Lee bends down to greet Harold the dog who is very pleased to see him Groom Lee unpacks the equipment ready for the ceremony on the top of the mountain and takes a moment to look around at the view The bride arrives in the vintage ski lift Steph's Dad waits for her at the top of the ski left The bride waits in a room by the ski lift before the ceremony The bride and her father waiting inside in the warm before the outdoor mountain ceremony The guests wait on the mountain top for the bride Steph to arrive Seefeld Wedding The father of the bride walks his daughter Steph up the ski slope to her ceremony by Wild Connections Photography Steph and her dad have a giggle as they walk to the ceremony together Lee smiles as he sees Steph approaching with her father Seefeld Wedding Lee and Steph meet at the top of the mountain for their vow ceremony by Wild Connections Photography The guests gather round to listen to Steph and Lee's ceremony Steph and Lee stand on the top of the Seefelderjoch with their family for their mountain ceremony Lee and Steph smile as the celebrant tells their story Seefeld Wedding Steph and Lee listen to Susan their celebrant as she talks about marriage by Wild Connections Photography A close up of Steph's engagement ring and her fur wrap Close up of Lee putting his arm around Steph to keep her warm The nephew of the bride is kept entertained with movies on an iphone A hiker appears in the background of Steph and Lee's ceremony The hiker is surprised to see a wedding party on the top of the mountain Lee looks lovingly at Steph as they say their vows A close up picture of the wedding rings tied to the dog's collar Lee tries to cut the rings from the dog's collar a close up picture of Lee holding Steph's wedding band a close up of Steph placing the ring on Lee's finger Steph places the ring on Lee's finger Close up of Lee placing the ring on Steph's hand Lee smiles at Steph as they exchange rings Steph and Lee have their first kiss on a mountain top Their family sprinkle confetti over Steph and Lee as they kiss Steph and Lee smile as they are about to kiss and confetti is thrown in their faces Two bottles of Dom Perignon champagne and a picnic hamper in the snow Steph and Lee open the bottles of champagne The family all take pictures with their phonesSteph smiles while holding a bottle of champagne as Lee puts his hands in his pockets to keep them warm Steph and Lee start laughing holding champagne glasses with mountains in the background Seefeld Wedding Lee gives Steph a kiss on the cheek by Wild Connections Photography Steph and Lee have a quiet moment alone looking at the mountains The wedding party toasts to the bride and groom The young nephew looks in to the camera as the adults raise their champagne glasses to toast A dog collar, an empty champagne bottle and a glass of champagne lie on the floor Portraits of the bride, her sister and father all smiling and laughing The nephew of the bride pulls his hat over his eyes A close up of Steph and Lee holding Harold the dog Harold the dog on a lead, held by Steph and Lee as Harold looks up at the camera Steph leans on Lee's shoulder Steph and Lee looking in to the distance and laughing Steph and Lee walking hand in hand through the snow A close up picture of Steph's diamond engagement and wedding rings on her hand A close up of Lee's watch A double exposure of Steph and Lee looking at each other and the mountains The snowy mountains as the clouds roll in Steph and Lee far from the camera walking along in the snow Steph warms her hand under Lee's armpits Steph and Lee walk arm in arm along the mountain ridge in the snow Steph and Lee smile and turn to look at the camera with dark clouds and mountains in the background behind them Seefeld Wedding Lee and Steph smile as they touch noses by Wild Connections Photography Close up as Lee leans in to kiss Steph Lee smiling and looking at the camera as Steph warms her hands under his armpits again A family photo with the family of Steph and Lee Steph and Lee embrace with a mountain panorama behind them A close up picture of Lee as he embraces Steph Full length picture of Lee embracing Steph from behind Steph and Lee kiss as the old Seefeld cable car descents behind them The Seefelderjoch cable car descents as Steph and Lee embrace Steph and Lee share a quiet moment alone in the cable car Steph and Lee share a kiss in the small cable car Steph and Lee looking at each other and laughing in the cable car


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