My seasonaire days are over, but part of me still feels like I’m still the ski bum I once was. I think once you’ve worked a season, a part of you will always be a seasonaire. So I thought it might be fun to look at my own experiences and those of my ex-seasonaire buddies, and see how your life changes when you’ve worked a winter season.

Ten Signs You’re An Ex-Seasonaire

1. You Still See The Year As Only 2 Seasons

That’s right. Science has been lying to you. If you’ve ever spent a part of your life as a seasonaire, you’ll have learned differently. For seasonaire’s there are only 2 seasons; the winter season and the summer season. And what about everything in between? That’s the “off-season” but we don’t like to think about that so please don’t talk about it. The off-season is where we mope around not knowing where our place is in the world.

2. Real Life Clothes Suck

Why can’t skinny jeans, oversized t-shirts and beanies be acceptable clothing for everyday life? It isn’t fair!

3. Goggle Tan Used Something To Be Proud Of

Goggle-tan used to be a sign of your hardcore-ness and dedication to the cause. Now you’re not a seasonaire it’s just a reason for people to look at you strangely.

4. You Still Consider Yourself A Local

Your seasonaire days might be over and you might be limited to one or two weeks on the slopes every year, but you will never consider yourself “a punter”.  You still feel like a local and even though the faces you pass on the street are not the same ones, there are still a few familiar faces around the town.

5. New Seasonaires Look So Young

You see the fresh faces of the new holiday reps and ski instructors and you wonder if you also looked so young and fresh-faced “back in the day”. Oh, the things you could teach them.

6. You Still Have Some Kind Of Winter Sports Equipment Visible In Your Home

You might not have been on a mountain for 6 months but your snowboard jacket is still hanging proudly by your front door, just to make sure that anyone who visits knows where your priorities lie.

7. You’ve Got Way More Equipment Than Most People

You learnt early on that the term “all mountain” was a lie, and your ski collection has somewhat expanded over the seasons. Some of it might be old and knackered, but it reminds you of the good old days. Plus, ducktape fixes everything!

8. You Can Finally Afford Mountain Food

You still look for the cheapest thing on the menu in mountain restaurants even though now you can afford more than just a frankfurter with bread and a skiwasser!

9. P-Tex In Your Base Is A Reminder Of Good Times

That massive hole in your base that has a bodged p-tex job? Some people would call that a disaster. You call it a reminder of a great night session when you turned an old fridge into a jib feature (yes, that happened – Mt Buller 2010!).

10. You’re Shocked At How Much Lift Passes Cost Now You Have To Buy Them

A day pass costs how much??



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Ten signs you're an ex-seasonaire by ex-ski bum Cat of Wild Connections Photography


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