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Sometimes people come into your life, and just make everything brighter.

Bec, Dan and I first connected in the autumn of 2015, before they had even found a wedding venue or set a date. The one thing Bec was sure of was that she wanted to ski on her wedding day. We met in a pub in London and we chatted about weddings, about our pets and of course about skiing. All whilst Dan shrugged off my bad jokes about snowbladers. We probably could have stayed gossiping for hours but trains called.

We chatted often over email or WhatsApp about wedding plans and soon what was just an idea started to become a reality, and as the weeks and months went by, I think I was almost as excited as they were about this day finally arriving.

A Mayrhofen Ski Wedding

And last Friday, the 17th March 2017 was that day. On St Patrick’s day in honour of Bec’s Irish heritage, Bec and Dan, surrounded by their wonderful families and friends, became Mr & Mrs Turner.

I’m so excited to share with you their wedding story. The story of two of the kindest, loveliest people I have had the pleasure of meeting, who became husband and wife on the top of a mountain.

Bec and Dan, I seriously love you guys and I’m going to miss all of the little wedding updates. So please start planning the 5 year vow renewal soon ok. 😉

Personaled wooden ring box engraved with Bec and Dan lies on the bed The bride dressing gown hangs in a hotel room I love you more than beer card Bride Bec stands in floral tracksuit in hotel room drinking a glass of water Image of a messy hotel room with breakfast on the table and hair accessories on the bed Bridesmaid curls hair in hotel bathroom Glitter shoes on a wooden ledge with a mountain canvas picture on the wall Engraved wooden ring box and glittery shoes on a wooden shelf Gold wedding rings lay on the fabric of the wedding dress Thank you card and mountain necklace Reflection of the bride Bec putting on mascara in a hotel bathroom mirror Assorted makeup products scattered around the bathroom sink Two bridesmaids look in the mirror in the hallway Blush Pink Ombre Wedding Dress hanging from a wooden door frame The groom's hotel room with his suit hanging on the wall and a to-do list taped to the wall The groom Dan getting dressed in front of a mirror Star Wars Darth Vader Cufflinks For The Groom, Storm Trooper Cufflinks for the Groomsmen The groom Dan buttoning up his tweed waistcoat The groom Dan putting on his watch The groom and the groomsmen standing together and talking whilst fixing their cufflinks A reflection of Dan looking in the hotel room mirror The men's buttonholes sit in glasses on the table The groom Dan sits on the bed to put on his shoes Bridesmaid Robyn helps Izzie in to her bridesmaids dress The bride Bec helps bridesmaid Robyn tie her bridesmaids dress Robyn holds her hair up so Bec can tie her dress Bridesmaids admire their dresses in the mirror of the hotel room hallway Close up of one of the bridesmaids wearing a mountain necklace A reflection of the bridal suite in a pair of ski goggles The bride Bec sitting on her balcony with a cup of tea and a glass of prosecco in a flower print tracksuit The groom Dan waves from his balcony The mother of the bride arrives and gets a kiss from her daughter The bride Bec wipes away a tear as she shares an intimate moment with her bridesmaids A good luck horse shoe gift for the bride The bridesmaids do up the buttons on Bec's wedding dress as she stands smiling holding a glass of water and a glass of prosecco The bridesmaid Rose does up the final buttons A portrait of Rose, a bridesmaid The bride and bridesmaids raise a glass of prosecco on the hotel balcony The little sister of the bride puts on some make up in the bathroom The bride Bec get's her veil attached The hairdresser attached Bec's veil The bride waves from the balcony as her guests start to arrive below A clover pin on the bouquet for good luck and to celebrate St Patrick's day The bride powders her face in a compact mirror Bride's dad arrives and bride takes a selfie with her bridesmaid Bride hugs her dad Bride Bec, her dad and the bridesmaids hang out on the hotel room balcony Father of the bride holds a photo of her as a child The bouquet sits on a vase on the windowsill The bride and her party leave the hotel in Mayrhofen and head to the ceremony location Bec and her bridesmaids walking across the Ahornbahn car park in Mayrhofen The bride and bridal party arrive at the cable car in Mayrhofen Mayrhofen Wedding bride walks up the ahorn cable car entrance ramp Bride embarks on cable car with skiers and a sign in the background that say "looking good" in German Bride Bec smiles and looks down as she waits in the cable car A skier in the cable car uses a disposable film camera to take a photograph of the bride Bride and bridesmaids laugh as they ride up in the cable car Close up of a four-leaf clover nail tattoo on the bride's little finger The bride arrives at the top station of the cable car The bridesmaids wait in the lobby before the ceremony The bride walks down the corridor towards the ceremony room with her bridesmaids The wedding guests await the bride in the ceremony room The groom Dan stands waiting for the bride The groom Dan stands waiting, looking a little nervous The first bridesmaid Rose enters The bride enters the ceremony at the back of the room with her father as the groom waits at the front The groom Dan smiles as he sees his bride approaching The bride Bec arrives at her ceremony and turns to smile at her father The bride's little sister wipes away a tear The bride and groom sit for the ceremony conducted by the Standesbeamtin from Mayrhofen A shot of the wedding ceremony location with the bride and groom at the front and their guests seated in rows The bride and groom Bec and Dan sit listening to the celebrant The bridesmaid Robyn gets emotional as she stands up to do a reading The bride Bec wipes away tears as she listens to her bridesmaids doing a reading Bec and Dan stand to say their vows Close up of Bec and Dan during the vows Bridesmaid Rose laughing in her seat as at the back door the other bridesmaid Izzy comes running back in Izzy gives Bec and Dan the rings to exchange Dan puts a ring on Bec's finger Close up of Bec putting a ring on Dan's finger Bec and Dan share a first kiss and the crowd applauds The bridal party signs the register and marriage certificate A shot of the ceremony in the Freiraum in Mayrhofen from the back of the room Bec and Dan exit the ceremony walking back down the aisle Dan sheds a few tears when his mother congratulates him Bec hugs her mum with tears in her eyes Bec's grandmother smiles as she congratulates her Small canapes on a table for the guests to snack on Hipster Groomswear - Star Wars Cufflinks and a Tweed Suit The boys drink a beer on the balcony The girls drink on the reception terrace in the sunshine, wearing sunglasses Izzy helps Bec put her ski boots on Bec and Dan take to the slopes of the Ahorn in Mayrhofen on skis in the wedding outfits A reflection of the bride and groom in a pair of ski goggles Bride on Skis - The bride and groom chose to ski on their wedding day in the wedding outfits The bride and groom leaning against a rock in the snow with a mountain valley in the background The bride Bec looks at the wedding ring on her Dan's hand whilst standing in the snow The bride and groom stand closely together in the snow as they look at something the groom is holding Dan whispers in Bec's ear and makes her laugh Bride and groom walk hand in hand through the snow on a mountain in Austria Bride and groom embrace with a mountain backdrop behind them Bride leans against the groom and looks at the camera and smiles The bride Bec looking in to the camera and smiling as the gets close to the groom Bride and groom share a kiss in the snowy mountain landscape Bride looks at the groom and his face is reflected in her sunglasses A ski resort wedding with the groom on snowblades and the bride on skis. The bride and groom pose with their skis The bride and groom ride the chairlift in the ski resort of Mayrhofen in Austria The bride and groom enjoying a moment alone on the chairlift during their ski resort wedding The bride and groom smiling as the reach the top of the chairlift and prepare to disembark The mother and sister of the bride and the bride and groom all standing on skis The mother of the bride skis in her wedding outfit The bride and groom ski down to their wedding reception with their guests lined up in a row cheering The bride and her girlfriends have a laugh during the group pictures A shot of the entire wedding group on the balcony of the Freiraum reception venue A DIY wedding breakfast table plan and running order A close up of Bec and Dan's table plan The Freiraum in Mayrhofen set up as a wedding reception venue The top table at Bec and Dan's mountain wedding A small shot bottle of Jagermeister for the bride and groom Wedding table names named after cocktails Jagermeister bottles as wedding favours on the tables the best man laughs as he sits at the table A guiness hat on the table for st patrick's day Bec and Dan enter their reception to a standing ovation Congratulations on your wedding day in Austria card Alternative Wedding Guestbook Ideas - This bride and groom had guests sign a pair of vintage style wooden skis instead of a traditional guestbook. The bouquet sits in the bride's ski boot and a picture of the Ahornbahn cable car The side salad is prepared to be served to the guests Empty prosecco bottles line the bar The father of the bride Kevin stands up to make a speech A wedding guest films the speeches on her Iphone The bride Bec reaches for a tissue during the speeches The guests stand and raise a toast to Bec and Dan The groom Dan stands up to make a speech standing next to his bride The three best men make a speech The brother of the bride reads his speech from his phone The mother of the groom laughs at the speeches Bridesmaid Robyn laughs at the speeches Bec and Dan cry with laughter at the speeches The bride Bec laughing and crying at the speeches A guest goes to take a photo of the bride and groom and accidentally takes a selfie The top table toasts with Flugerl drinks Bec's Sorel snow boots lie on the floor The glass facade of the Freiraum in Mayrhofen as the sun sets and reflects the mountain vista on the glass


Getting Ready: Hotel Perauer Mayrhofen
Wedding Location: Mayrhofener Bergbahnen, Freiraum Ahorn
Flowers: Susanne @ Gartengestaltung Kroll, Mayrhofen
Bec’s Dress: Mori Lee Blu from Bellisima, South Woodham Ferriers
Dan’s Suit: Jennis and Warman


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