Skiing Elopement in St Anton in Austria – Jamie & Paul

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Jamie & Paul’s skiing elopement in St Anton in Austria was a fantastic day. They took the first lift up the mountain for private vows and a few laps of the slopes, before meeting family in the village and heading up on the other side of the valley for a small ceremony and a fabulous mountain lunch.

How did you get engaged?

Paul proposed during a house renovation on the first farm we bought together.. after having the ring for over a year 😉

Any funny stories leading up to your wedding day?

Not too many aside from Paul somehow holding onto this engagement ring for a year and half and Jamie never finding it once

How did you decide on your location?

We both love skiing, the winter months are our quiet time of the year and we spend any spare time we have on the ski hill. We both knew we didn’t want a big elaborate wedding and all of the details that go along with one so saying vows in the mountain just felt right. We stumbled across Cat’s Instagram and knew that a ceremony in the alps would be perfect. We wanted to turn our wedding into a memorable ski trip for our friends and family.  Cat gave us suggestions for ski areas that would work well and once we settled on a resort she took the time to visit and scope out locations and the runs/lifts needed to access them and send pictures and videos to us.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in planning your wedding/elopement?

We had originally reached out to Cat and planned to elope a year prior on a trip with friends but like many things Covid put a delay to this. After we had to cancel the trip we tried a couple times to plan a wedding throughout the year but sorting out all the details of a big wedding was just not how we wanted to spend our time. At the end of 2022 we got back in contact with Cat to setup a small ceremony in Austria and all the details came together very easily after that.

What is your favourite moment/memory from the day?

Our favourite moment would be saying our vows privately in the mountains. Being able to be fully emotional and open in our vows surrounded by that kind of beauty made that moment even more special. The entire day spent on the mountains with friends and family in beautiful weather was amazing.. every moment.

Is there anything you are really glad you did? Or didn’t do?

We are so glad we ended up back where we started deciding on a day spent how we wanted with our friends and family. There’s so many different directions you get pulled in planning a wedding day and we’re glad we settled in a day spent how we wanted, it made the little bit of planning needed very enjoyable and the entire experience pretty relaxing.

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Set time aside early on and seriously discuss what both of you want. Deciding early on what you want your wedding day to look and feel like makes curbing all of the conversations about wedding planning much easier. Just say F* it to all the stuff your told you have to do. It’s easy to get caught in going through motions to fill expectations of others, just focus on you!

What wedding planning resources did you use whilst planning your elopement (if any)? 

Not too many to be honest. We were lucky to be able to find some great local vendors in restaurants and florists and making communication with them directly made organizing the little details so much simpler. It was awesome to be able to meet up and confirm details in the days before the wedding too.

What was your favourite thing about working with Cat?

Everything about working with Cat was amazing. Right from the start she helped our very indecisive selves get an idea of what we wanted. From locations and accommodation suggestions to timeline organizing Cat helped mold so much of our day. Being able to get video and photos of location suggestions from Cat leading up to the wedding day was awesome. She really took the time to find the perfect spots for us and our group on the day. Neither of us are big photo people and Cat perfectly guided us through our day to make the whole day feel relaxed and enjoyable rather than just a photoshoot. She really tailored everything about the day to what we had wanted, without a doubt Cat MADE our day!

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