It’s time to take you on another one of our weekend adventures from this summer, and today we’re going back to our favourite valley, the Stubai Valley. And a beautiful hike to to the lake Mutterberger See.

Mutterberger See Hike

Menno found this hike on a website that we use a lot for tour planning called Bergfex. On the day we did the hike, the temperates were forecasted to be about 30°C so we decided that a short hike at a higher altitude would be the best option. He had read somewhere that the hike to the Mutterberger See lake was around 2.5 hours and around 650 vertical meters. Since the hike was above 2000 m altitude, we thought this would be a great option for a very hot day.

But of course things don’t always go to plan. After around 30 minutes of uphill, we reached a bridge across a river. And on the bride was a sign stating that it was 2.5 hours to the lake from here. So where Menno had got the idea that the whole round trip hike was 2.5 hours, I have no idea. After a short discussion about whether to carry on, since we hadn’t planned for a 5 hour hike and didn’t have a lot of water or suncream with us, we decided to continue anyway.

It did take us about 2.5 hours to reach the lake, and for most of the way it was fairly steep uphill. Thankfully the whole area was filled with waterfalls, lakes and streams, and being at a fairly high altitude, the temperatures were actually quite bearable. In fact, we even put our fleece jackets on at the lake as the air was much cooler.

After a short break at the lake and some pictures, we continued on the trail towards the Dresdener Hütte but as the small path reached the main gravel road, we took the route back down the mountain, and came across quite a lot of marmots. Unfortunately most of them were pretty camera shy but they were all super cute!

Hiking up from the car park of the Stubai Glacier to the Mutterer SeeThe route to the Mutterberger See is filled with streams, lakes and waterfallsCat Ekkelboom-White enjoying the view of the Stubai ValleyThe Mutterberger See in Stubai, a stunning mountain lakeHiking back down to the car park from the Mutterberger See Lake in Stubai


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