What Is An Adventure Wedding?

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Perhaps you’ve heard the term or the hashtag has popped up in your Insta feed. Yes, Adventure weddings really are a thing. And I bloody love them!

What Is An Adventure Wedding?

Perhaps the Oxford English dictionary will beg to differ, but to me, this is what an adventure wedding is:

1. An Experience

Adventure weddings are about the whole experience around how you choose to get married. The day isn’t just about the ceremony but about the whole journey you’re taking together. Plus, nothing says love and commitment like crossing a glacier and knowing your lives are literally in each other’s hands!

2. An Extension Of Your Personalities

Most of the couples who choose adventure weddings are active and outdoorsy. You’re more likely to find them camping in a forest somewhere than in a trendy wine bar on a Saturday night. If you’re a girl that can walk better in ski boots than high heels, you’ll feel right at home having a wedding on the mountain.

3. A Celebration of Nature

Adventure weddings take place in the great outdoors. Perhaps on the summit of a mountain or at the top of a waterfall. Couples who have adventure weddings love nature and want to be surrounded by it on their wedding day, come rain, blizzard or shine.

4. An Intimate Affair

Because of the physical challenges often required to reach the location, adventure weddings are usually fairly intimate celebrations, and quite often seen as being more of an elopement than a wedding.

Adventure wedding honeymoon shoot on skis by Wild Connections Photography

That’s pretty much it, but at the end of the day, there are no rules to say what is, and isn’t an adventure wedding. If it feels like a great adventure, then it’s an adventure wedding!

Sound like your kind of wedding?

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