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Winter weddings in the Alps are pretty much guaranteed to be three things; dramatically beautiful, deeply memorable, and COLD! If you’ve chosen a winter wedding you’ll be needing some appropriate accessories. Your love will keep you warm, but some stylish accessories to go with your amazing adventure wedding dress (or jumpsuit!) will keep you warmer. I’m thinking less delicate veils and Jimmy Choo stilettos, more elegant-yet-cosy knits and statement jewellery – practical, yet gorgeous in your photos.

Just because you’re getting wrapped up to say ‘I-do’ on a glittering mountain or a frosted lake, doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel like the adventurous snow queen you are. There is a huge range of accessories out there to help you feel special and bridal at your winter wedding, from high street to hand made.

I’ve gathered some of the best winter wedding accessories that will look great, help fend off the elements, and that you might wear again!

Winter elopement in the Tyrol mountains

Bridal Jumpers & Knitwear

Choosing the right bridal jumper or knitwear item to go with your winter wedding outfit will add a layer of much-needed warmth, and an extra level of detail we can play with in your photos. There’s something for every budget and every adventure included here.


Etsy has some great handmade options for different kinds of knitted and wool jumpers and shrugs if you want to support a small business:

On The High Street

Don’t discount the high street when looking for bridal knitwear or jumpers for your winter wedding! I’ve selected a few great options, all for under 60 euros.

Try ASOS for some really cute white & ivory sweaters:


Lulus has its very own bridal range, but there are also some beautiful pieces in their normal collection too. Try these knitwear pieces with statement sleeves, or backless features to show off details of your outfit.

Shop the Lulus cream backless sweater and balloon sleeve ivory sweater.

Cover Ups, Wraps and Shrugs

If jumpers are less your style or if you are looking for something that you can wear for short periods of time just to keep the edge off, a cover up or wrap might be for you.

Bear in mind that they won’t keep you warm enough if you are planning to head out into the snow, but they do add an extra layer and can add detail to your winter wedding outfit.


Bridal wear shop BHLDN have a great range of different cover ups, whether you are looking for fur or feathers, they have lots of different styles available.

Shop more bridal jumpers, knitwear & shrugs

Winter Wedding Coats

At some point during your winter wedding, you might have to get bundled up in your coats! Whether that’s while you’re walking (or sledding, or skiing…) between locations or if you’re at altitude, I’ve found a selection of winter coats perfect for the adventure bride.

Winter elopement on the Krippenstein mountain in Hallstatt Austria by Wild Connections Photography

Winter Coats For Adventure Brides

If you’re looking for a winter jacket that you can wear for future adventures, why not consider something like Patagonia’s Nano Puff or their down jacket available at Backcountry or REI for couples in the USA:

If you are based in the UK, you can also find some great outdoor jackets at Ellis Brigham & Blacks, including the Patagonia Nano Puff, this white Patagonia Ski Jacket, this ski jacket from Salomon or this insulated parka from Merrell

Style & Substance

We turn once again to the high street for some winter coats for the style-conscious bride. If you’re in need of a hard-core, technical winter coat, the previous section is probably the one you want. If you want a warm and fashionable extra layer, you might find what you’re looking for here.

If you are looking for something bespoke, there are some fantastic designers on Etsy making bridal coats, jackets and even capes:

Alternatively, try classic high street options such as ASOS for a Y.A.S white blazer (perfect for a shorter length dress!) and a Collusion long line fur coat or BHLDN for a fur wrap.

More Winter Coats

Hats, Gloves & Scarves

For practicality on your adventure winter wedding day, you’ll probably need a hat, scarf and gloves combo. Why not treat yourself to something new?


If you’re having an epic snowboarding wedding how about these awesome ‘bride and groom’ beanie hats from Etsy? LGBTQIA+ couples can ask the seller for different combinations. Shop the H&M knitted bobble hat and the ASOS crochet beret too.


H&M has this soft woven scarf in multiple colours, or you can opt for a handmade bridal knit scarf from on Etsy.

Gloves & Mittens:

Keep your hands warm before and after the exchange of rings with these winter wedding gloves from Etsy.

From top left to bottom right, shop these handmade fluffy goat down mittens, leather sheepskin aviator mittens, long knitted arm warmer gloves and extra-sparkly jewelled fur mittens, all from Etsy.

For something simpler that you might wear again, click here for some H&M burgundy leather gloves.

Shop more hats, scarves & gloves

Winter-Inspired Jewellery & Accessories

For a special new piece of jewellery for your winter wedding, I highly recommend BHLDN and Etsy. Whatever your style, you’ll find something to compliment your outfit and sparkle in those snowy photos.

Here are a selection of my favourite jewellery pieces from BHLDN that would fit with a wintery theme:

From top left to bottom right, shop the statement Perry earrings, beautiful We Dream in Colour earrings, unusual Sabrine necklace and frosted pearl Mae earrings.

Hair Vines

Become a snow princess with a stunning glittering hair vine woven through your hair. I love these ones from Jon Richard in the UK:

Winter Bridal Jewellery on Etsy

Etsy has so much to offer, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, you’ll almost certainly be able to find someone who can make you exactly what you want. Here are some snowflake-inspired jewelry designs that caught my eye from Etsy sellers around the world:

More winter inspired bridal jewellery

Winter Wedding Shoes & Boots

Your winter wedding shoes will fall into two categories – the practical, and the pretty! Depending on your activities for the day you’ll need to decide which way you go, or bring multiple pairs for photos!

For some seriously practical (and pretty stylish too!) warm boot options, try these:

Sorel have some great lightweight warmth options, including the waterproof black and brown insulated boots and even the heeled hiker-inspired lace boots! For a pair of padded, lightweight moon boots shop these from ASOS.

For winter wedding shoes that won’t protect against the elements as well, but will still keep your toes warm and dry, here are my picks…

For a pretty bridal shoe shop these BHLDN heeled boots or suede boots, or go for some simple white Doc Martens. You can even go a step further and opt for some ‘Bride’ Docs in a colour of your choice from Etsy!

And if it’s going to be icy, something like Yaktrax can help give you a little bit more traction if you are worried about slipping.

Shop more winter boots

Thermal Underwear

It might not be glamorous, but you’ll be extremely grateful for the extra layers underneath your wedding clothes. Try a simple H&M thermal base layer set, or something in ivory from ASOS.

Fleece Leggings

One of the things I recommend to almost every one of my couples is to pack a pair of skin-toned fleece leggings. You can pick up a pair pretty cheap on Amazon and they are getting more inclusive in their skin tones. But they will add an extra layer of warmth that you’ll be extra grateful for. And if you are someone who gets cold easy, get 2 pairs and double up!

Other Winter Wedding Accessories

Some other things to add to your winter wedding packing list that can help you really enjoy your winter wedding without feeling the cold too much:

Hand, body & toe warmers can be absolute lifesavers on a cold wedding day.

Buy on Amazon


Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can forget about sunscreen! The sun reflecting off snow can be fierce even in the winter months. This EltaMD is a great one for sensitive skin with UV protection and SPF 46.

If you’re someone who likes to be tanned, you’re probably going to have to fake it for your winter wedding. Try a good brand of fake tan, and make sure you leave enough time to wash it off before putting your white outfits on! Try this SOSU by Suzanne Jackson tanning mousse.

Do you feel more prepared for your epic winter wedding now!? Head back to our blog for lots more tips and advice on adventure weddings.

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