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I believe everyone deserves to get married in a way that feels true to them. If being in the mountains is one of the places you feel happiest, why shouldn’t you spend your wedding day there?

I love living in the Alps, and I believe in making sustainable choices that help protect our amazing planet. That’s why I only capture elopements in this stunning corner of the world. As a certified hiking guide, that means I’m a local expert. I’ve discovered so many amazing locations and I’m so excited to share them with you!

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My life in the Alps

My journey has been an adventure, just how I like it.


to make the wedding industry a more sustainable & diverse place

Sustainability & Inclusion Pledge

Our beautiful planet is not just a backdrop for stunning photos. We are all citizens of the world, and we all have a responsibility to look after our incredible home planet.

While I want to make sure that you have the tools to make your elopement as sustainable as possible, I believe in leading by example and making sure that I consider sustainability in every aspect of my business too.

Just following ‘Leave No Trace’ isn’t enough. I am committed to fostering a more sustainable and inclusive future for all people and the planet. I recognize the profound impact my business can have on the environment and society. This includes:

Environmental Stewardship:

  • Practicing ‘Leave No Trace’ principles when spending time in nature, for both work and personal adventures.
  • Prioritizing locations that are away from busy areas to reduce the environmental impact of our visit.
  • Only working locally within a 3-hour radius of my home to reduce travel emissions.

Ethical Business Practices:

  • Conducting my business with integrity, transparency, and fairness.
  • Prioritizing suppliers and vendors who are local, and share my commitment to diversity and sustainable practices.
  • Regularly reviewing and improving my processes to ensure alignment with the highest ethical standards.
  • Promoting positive change throughout the industry by creating more awareness of the challenges and solutions to a more sustainable wedding industry.

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • I believe adventure is for everyone, and I’m dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in all its forms.
  • My hiring practices prioritize diversity.
  • I am committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for couples of all backgrounds and abilities, ensuring they feel valued and represented in my work.

Giving Back:

  • I actively contribute to the communities where I operate by supporting local initiatives, charities, and environmental conservation efforts.
  • I am a 1% for the Planet member and also support other environmental and social justice causes.

Continuous Improvement:

  • I am committed to reaching net zero in my business, by measuring my emissions, reducing where possible, and offsetting whatever is left over.
  • I pledge to stay informed about sustainable and inclusive practices, by undertaking personal development and training in these areas.
I’m more than just a photographer

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While I made my name in the industry as an elopement photographer, it’s not the only thing I do. This wonderful job has led me to uncover other passions and create other projects too.

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