Catherine Ekkelboom-White
Heiligwasserweg 1/6
6082 Patsch
Österreich / Austria

VAT Number ATU73770127

Tel: +43 681 10473704


The policy: This privacy policy is for Wild Connections Photography. It explains how I comply with the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation. This policy will explain areas of this website that may affect your privacy and personal details, how I process, collect, manage and store those details and how your rights under the GDPR are adhered to.


When you’ve decided that I’m awesome and that you want to work with me, you’ll fill in the contact form on my website (which asks for your name, your email address and some details about the wedding or event you want me to photograph), I’ll use that data to reply to you with the information that you are requesting. I might also tell my rabbits about how excited I am about your enquiry but I won’t share your data with anyone else because I don’t want you to hire anyone else. I want you to hire me! And if it turns out that I’m busy and I’m not available for your requested date, I’ll sell your data to the highest bidder. Not really, I won’t share your data with anybody.

To keep me organized (because, well sometimes I’m affected by “blonde-brain”) your enquiry data is stored in a studio management software called Dubsado. Dubsado is a magical place where I store everything, from emails to invoices and questionnaires. To access the data in Dubsado, I have to login on my password-protected computer and then login via a secure webpage using a very cryptic password that doesn’t include my date of birth. Dubsado does not access or share your data but if you don’t believe me, you can view their privacy policy here: Dubsado Privacy Policy

If you go ahead and book me, you’ll be sent a link to your Dubsado personal client portal page, where you can see all of the information that I have about you and update it as necessary. I don’t use the data to stalk you. It’s mainly so that I can get in contact you with you about your awesome wedding day or adventure session and so that I can send you love letters in the mail. This data will be kept as an active contact for 12 months after your wedding date and then will be archived. Any records of your data linked to financial paperwork (primarily invoices) will be kept for 10 years in accordance with Austrian regulations.  If you don’t go ahead and book me, I’ll delete all of your data after 6 months after holding a small memorial ceremony. If you wish to request for any email(s) containing your personal information to be deleted, please email


All of the data that I hold is stored in Dubsado and Gmail, both of which can only be accessed via secure login pages with passwords that do not contain my date of birth. The data I store includes your names, your email addresses, telephone numbers, your postal address and details about your wedding day. All of this information is collected so that I can do the job that you have hired me for. I don’t store any bank details or pin numbers, so if you see from my social media that I’m on an expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I’m paying for it myself. Bummer!


I have one of those email newsletter thingys in MailerLite where you give me your email address and your name in return for some cool guide and the permission for me to email you with interesting news and stuff related to weddings or other things that I think you’ll find interesting. In reality, I’m a bit rubbish at sending out newsletters, so you might get one email each month from me with some random drivel about stuff that I think you might find interesting plus an automated email that sends you a summary of what I’ve been blogging about.

You will only receive my newsletter if you knowingly signed up for it, as you’ll need to reconfirm that you want to receive it during the signup process. If you decide that my newsletter is a bit boring, although I’ll be deeply offended, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking a link in one of the emails. Your data is stored securely in MailerLite and is not shared with any third parties.


Does anybody really know what cookies do? Apparently, the internet pages of the Wild Connections Photography use cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser. Through the use of cookies, the Wild Connections Photography can provide the users of my website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting. In real-world terms, this mainly means that if you’ve looked at images once, it will be stored in your cookie jar so that the next time you come back, everything you’ve looked at before loads faster. You can always block cookies through some magic browser settings, but you might find everything runs a little slower.

I use Google Analytics and StatCounter on my website to look at which pages people look at the most and for how long, and at which pages never get looked at. Neither of these services stores any personal data, so if you are the person that keeps leaving my website after reading my about me page and deciding that I’m a total nutter then you’re safe. I will never know who you are.

I do have a Facebook Pixel installed on my website but I don’t really understand how it does its magic. Essentially it tells Facebook if you have been on my website so that when I’m trying to sell something via Facebook (because I do need to sell things in order to buy rabbit food), the Facebook gods know whether it’s something you might want to see in your newsfeed or not.


Some links on this website are affiliate links, including Amazon Associates, which means that I get paid a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. You’ll pay the same price whether you use my affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website. When you use my affiliate links, a tracking cookie will be stored on your browser for a limited time that records that you were sent from my site, linking the referral back to me. It doesn’t store any other of your personal information.


All of my blog posts have the option to leave some love notes in the comments section, either directly on the website or via a Facebook plugin. The comments function requires you to leave your name and email address (or login using Facebook) to prove that you are a real person and not a robot. Your email address is not published as part of your comment and is only visible to me when I am logged in to the secure backend of my website. I will not use this information to contact you or pass it on to anyone else. If you don’t want to share this information, it’s probably best not to leave a comment. Just tell the next 5 people you see how awesome the blog post is instead.


I don’t knowingly link to websites trying to sell you viagra or devices that can enlarge certain parts of your anatomy, (I mainly link to wedding and travel-related stuff) but if you do decide to click on any links from my website, I’m not responsible for the websites or content that you find on the other end.


If I’ve photographed you then you’ll be sent your images via a shiny online client gallery which will be password protected to make sure that your ex-boyfriend doesn’t get access to your wedding images. My galleries are externally hosted by PicTime. Their privacy policy can be found here:

To visit a client gallery you will be required to enter your email address and a password. Your personal data (email address) will be stored within Pic-Time’s system, on their servers and will be used to email you with information relevant to the client gallery you have accessed e.g. to inform you of a discount offer on gallery purchases or the gallery expiration. Any such emails sent to you will only be during the 12 month period for which the gallery is live. After 12 months has passed since a gallery was created it is automatically deleted and your personal data (email address) is completely removed from Pic-Time’s system.

By logging into a Wild Connections Photography client gallery you are agreeing to opt-in to receive relevant, gallery-specific emails and promotions as described above. Marketing emails related to your gallery are automated, but you can opt-out from them at any point. (This does mean you will no longer get any reminders when your gallery is expiring).

Only I will have access to your personal data (email address) stored on Pic-Time’s system on behalf of Wild Connections Photography. It will only be used as detailed above, will not be used for any other marketing purposes and will not be passed onto any third parties. Pic-Time’s technical support team will have the means to access your personal data (email address) but will never access or share this data.

Any print purchases made on Pic-Time are handled and processed by Pic-Time, not by Wild Connections Photography, which means I won’t have access to any order or payment details that you provide to them.

If you have downloaded your images already, and wish to request for your personal data (email address) to be deleted from Pic-Time’s servers, please email


When you hire me to photograph your wedding or event, you’re hiring me to capture a “visual representation” of the day, which includes photographing the guests who are attending. If there are any guests who do not wish to be photographed, they should make themselves known at the start of the event. Once you receive your final gallery you can also let me know if there are any particular pictures that would like to keep private.


My website, Facebook, and Instagram are basically my shopfront. When super awesome couples (like you) are searching for an uber-cool photographer (like me) they usually snoop around online to find stuff that they like and if I only had 5 images on my website you probably wouldn’t want to book me as your photographer, no matter how awesome those 5 images were. So sharing my images online is a really vital part of my business. Some posts may include your names or you might be “tagged” on social media posts. If you don’t want to be named or tagged, or if there are certain pictures you don’t want sharing, just let me know. I’m not going to be a dick about it if you want to keep some things private.

Sometimes I will submit your awesome pictures to a wedding blog or magazine to be featured, or if it is really epic, to a competition. You’ll have the chance in your pre-wedding questionnaire to opt-in to being featured and any pictures you don’t want sharing will stay private.


Sometimes I need to share some of your data with other people in order to provide you with the services you’ve booked me for.

To ensure your photos don’t sit in my editing queue for months, I have help with my editing from the lovely folks at Oodio. When submitting images for editing, they only receive digital copies of your images in a catalogue that is labelled with just your first names. No other personal data will be shared with them.

Their privacy policy can be found here: 

The only other occasion where your data may be shared is if it is requested for legal proceedings or in the event of my tragic and untimely death, and someone needs to contact you to let you know that only my ghost will be available for your wedding. It goes without saying that I hope this will never happen!


Under the new GDPR regs, you have the right to access, confirmation, rectification, and erasure. If you want to know what data I hold on you and where is stored, you can drop me an email at any time to If any of the data is incorrect, please let me know how to correct it as I don’t want to be sending your wedding album to the wrong person! You also have the right to be forgotten, and while I will never forget the magical moments we shared, I will erase all data that I hold with your personal information on your request.


Eine Kopie die AGBs für Berufsfotografen in Österreich findet ihr HIER