This personal touch made the entire process feel natural, comfortable, and uniquely tailored to us.

Absolutely thrilled to share our extraordinary experience with Cat, the incredibly talented elopement wedding photographer who made our special day in the Dolomite Mountains a dream come true!

From the moment we met Cat, her bright and vibrant personality immediately set the tone for what would be an unforgettable journey. What sets Cat apart is not just her undeniable skill behind the lens but also her genuine and warm approach to building a connection with her clients. She purposefully took the time to get to know us, understanding our personalities, preferences, and the essence of our relationship. This personal touch made the entire process feel natural, comfortable, and uniquely tailored to us.

Cat’s ability to help design the perfect day is truly commendable. She took the time to understand our vision and preferences, offering valuable insights and suggestions that elevated our elopement to a level we hadn’t imagined. Her creativity and attention to detail ensured that every moment was captured beautifully.

One of the most remarkable decisions Cat made was encouraging us to have our ceremony at sunrise. We were intimidated by the early start time, but it was so worth it. The magical setting with the first light of day, the clouds rolling in the valley below us, and the sunshine dancing off the majestic mountains created a surreal and breathtaking backdrop for our vows. It was an ethereal experience we will cherish for a lifetime.

Cat’s professionalism and dedication were evident throughout the entire process. She seamlessly blended into the surroundings, capturing both the intimate moments and the grandeur of the Dolomite Mountains with finesse. Her ability to make us feel at ease allowed for genuine emotions to shine through in the photographs.

We cannot recommend Cat highly enough to anyone seeking a photographer who goes above and beyond to turn dreams into reality. If you’re looking for someone with not only exceptional skill but also a warm, friendly approach, Cat is the one. Our elopement was made truly magical by her talent, and we are forever grateful for the memories she has beautifully preserved for us. Thank you, Cat, for making our day so incredibly special!

Emily & David

We will cherish the beautiful photos you took forever

Cat is truly an amazing photographer who caters to the all the clients wants and needs. She loves adventure and is not afraid to take on any elements that come her way. If you want to get married in the snow, rain, or shine, she will make it happen!

She provided every detail for the location and answered all our questions in a timely manner leading up to the big day! We received “sneak peak” photos the same day we took them and we were absolutely amazed and in love with her work!

If you are looking for a photographer who is thoughtful, friendly, open-minded, willing to do what it takes, and an LGBTQ+ ally, then she is the perfect photographer for you!

Cat, thank you for everything you did for Mary and I! We loved getting to work with you and will cherish the beautiful photos you took forever.

Mary & Moriah

“We are so thankful for her guidance throughout the process, her reassuring calm, and her fantastic photographic eye”

Cat was wonderful to work with and we adore our photos!! We chose Cat because her style and vibe seemed to fit what we were looking for but we didn’t expect all the other benefits of working with her. She was full of great advice and suggestions all throughout the process. She’s got a great system to make everything easy and organized. We are so thankful for her guidance throughout the process, her reassuring calm, and her fantastic photographic eye.

Her existing relationship with our planner (Jlenia Costner, whom Cat recommended) and how easily she worked with our videographer, made it even more seamless of an experience for us so we could just fully focus on enjoying our day. We were very eager to see the photos after our wedding day and she was very quick with our sneak peek and photos; faster than I expected, which was awesome. We loved our photos and they really impressed the wedding photographer in our family (groom’s father) and everyone who has seen them says they’re stunning which we totally agree with. We would definitely recommend Cat to anyone looking for an amazing wedding or elopement photographer who takes gorgeous photos!

Chrissy & Noah

Her knowledge of the area helped calm my planning nerves.

Cat was fantastic – so wonderful to work with! Cat really helped us understand travel distances (and times) and narrow down what was most important to us for the day.

Her knowledge of the area – and willingness to go test-hike the route since she had not been there before either – helped calm my planning nerves. She knew when to help guide us for certain pictures vs when to step back and let us have private moments.

She was able to answer a variety of logistical questions like how to best pack the dresses and ability to hike down after the ceremony, as well as help us maintain focus on the importance of the day: spending time together with each other in the ways we enjoy as we promise and plan our future together.

Lora & Betsy

She is, without a doubt, the best in the game at what she does.

If you’re in the market for an elopement or wedding photographer — end your search now and book Cat. She is, without a doubt, the best in the game at what she does. She blew us away in every category, from the planning process to the final touches on the stunning photographs. If we could describe our experience with her in one word, it would be PHENOMENAL.

Cat didn’t just take photos of us on our wedding day. She was there through every step of the process. She listened to what we wanted and found the perfect location. Then, she took every attention to detail to ensure we had our day mapped out. We were pleasantly surprised by how hands on she was throughout the entire process, but the day OF was what really won our hearts.

Cat is just a blast, there’s no better way to say it. She’s fun and easy to talk to and it makes it simple to share so much time together. She captured our day just the way it was, no posing or making us feel weird lol. We also had to work around some rain in the morning, which completely changed our day-of plans, but she rolled with the punches! All of us being flexible turned into a day where we could take our time and really soak up every moment. It was truly the most magical experience, and Cat is our FRIEND NOW, not just someone we hired for photography.

Then, she turned our images around so fast we couldn’t believe it. Only a bride knows the pain of waiting to see photographs, but we had a sneak peek the NEXT DAY and a full gallery within two weeks. It was incredible. And the images are STUNNING. We had such a hard time narrowing down which ones to print!

We can’t recommend Cat enough. Truly, the best in the business and an absolute delight. We hope to hang out with her again the next time we are in Austria and just hike some cool trails together. She’s a forever friend!

Kandi & Jack

“We had the most relaxed wedding day, thanks to Cat, and no stress leading up.”

We absolutely loved working with Cat! From the very beginning of our journey Cat made the planning process easy and stress-free. She helped us find the perfect location which was amazing since we were choosing from the other side of the world. (We live in Australia). She even scoped it out beforehand & gave us video footage so we knew what to expect.

Our day was perfect and Cat helped us put any nerves we had at ease. We were so in the moment and she is such a professional that we forgot she was there taking photos most of the time.

We were blown away with our photos. We received a sneak peek only days after our elopement and even though we knew how talented she is from her work online, our photos brought tears to our eyes. Cat captured the day perfectly! If you’re unsure how you want to spend your day and you’re considering an elopement or micro wedding like us, then I say go for it!! We had the most relaxed wedding day, thanks to Cat and no stress leading up. It was such a fun time and o only wish I could do it over again! Perhaps we can for our 10 year anniversary.

Sarah & Glen

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