Bride and groom walk along an alpine lake in the tirol region of Austria

Alpine Lakes & Glaciers Elopement in Austria – Kate & Tom

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When my old work colleague and friend Kate first messaged me about their wish to come to the Alps for their elopement, I knew I wanted to help them create something extra special.

Kate and Tom gave me free reign to choose their elopement adventure, which was so much fun. Kate had talked about how she couldn’t decide between getting married in the summer and celebrating their love of hiking, or in the winter when there would be snow on the mountains, since they also loved skiing.

But I had the best compromise – a summer elopement with hiking and some snow!

I planned a high-altitude 2-day adventure for them, which included some of the most stunning views in Tirol. They would sleep in a mountain hut underneath a magnificent glacier, and the following day hike back to the valley via a number of stunning alpine lakes.

Before their Austrian elopement, they wanted to have their civil ceremony and a family celebration at their home in the UK, and their elopement became their short honeymoon too.

Here’s Their Story In Their Words

How did you get engaged?

It was on 1st March 2020. We had our baby girl on the 9th February 2020 so we were in the chaos of newborn baby life, sleep deprived and in our own little bubble. Tom bought Marcie a ‘will you marry Mummy’ baby grow which he had got her dressed (discreetly) & his plan was to go for a walk and then when she next needed changing, I would then see it and he’d get down on one knee! However, as a new parent and still getting to grips with nappies, Tom accidentally put her in the wrong size nappy – as we were leaving the house I noticed she was all wet, so I said we should change her…Tom tried to do this discreetly but in true new Mum style I insisted I would do it. I noticed she was in different clothes ( to what I had dressed her in earlier) and so ruined the surprise!!!! Tom stressed as he plan had all gone wrong, just went ‘ohhhh f**k it’ and got down on one knee whist I revealed the baby grow more and read the ‘Will you marry Mummy’! Shocked & emotional I of course said YES.

Any funny stories leading up to your wedding day?

It’s funny now, but not at the time….weather forecast was torrential rain on the day before the UK wedding so we were setting up the garden soaked through, loosing the will to live – wondering how on earth we were going to pull this off!

How did you decide on your locations?

For our UK wedding – We wanted a really relaxed, intimate, authentic and personal setting – with Tom being a garden designer and having landscaped our garden we decided to celebrate at home in our garden.
For the elopement – thankfully Cat helped us decide as we wanted an element of adventure in our trip…

What were the biggest challenges you faced in planning your wedding/elopement?

Wedding in UK – English weather!
Elopement – Whether to choose a summer or winter setting!

What is your favourite moment/memory from the day?

Eek the whole trip was truly amazing, can’t pin point a favourite. Genuinely being surrounded by the mountains, hiking through different scenery, playing Uno, climbing over the rocks – just having time out and celebrating what we love as a couple.

Is there anything you are really glad you did? Or didn’t do?

So glad we did the hike to the lake on the second day, despite the lack of energy when we stopped for lunch! And staying in the hut which made it more of an adventure.

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Go to the mountains!
The day(s) is about you two and celebrating your love for each other, so just be true to yourselves as a couple and how you envisage your day to be…..

What was your favourite thing about working with Cat?

The attention to detail every step of the way, from really getting to understand us two & what we wanted out of our elopement, to details on how to best pack and what to bring. The articles sent were just perfect and landed in our inbox at the right time in our planning process. When we were in the mountains….Cat put us at ease and gave us the best direction in order to get the most breathtaking photos & memories for a lifetime.

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