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How To Transform From Adventurer To Bride In The Wilderness

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When you’re out on an adventure the goal is usually to pack as light as possible and only carry what you need. But when that adventure leads to a wedding, of course, you want to be able to feel less like a hot mess and more like a fabulous bride. In this first instalment of the adventure bride guide, we’re going to look at how to transform from adventurer to bride in the wilderness.

Adventure Bride Guide

How To Transform From Adventurer To Bride In The Wilderness

Whether you’ve hiked, climbed or kayaked to the perfect location to say your vows, you still want to look and feel like a bride when you stand up there with the person you love. So how can you transform from adventurer to bride when you’re in the middle of nowhere?

1. Have A Dress To Change In To

Every bride should have the chance to wear a wedding dress if she wants to. A lightweight dress made up of fabric that won’t crease can be rolled up inside your daypack. Because you’ll be changing out in the open, think about what underwear you’ll be wearing. If you’ll be wearing a sports bra, make sure you have a white or skin coloured-one, and look for a dress that covers the straps if need be.

2. Bring A Small Makeup Bag

A few small items can help you go from feeling like a sweaty mess to a stunning bride in a few minutes and they won’t take up a whole load of space in your pack. A small powder compact, like this one from Urban Decay, is perfect for applying a quick base to even out your skin tone and hide any signs that you’ve just hiked 10km. Any small compact that has a mirror and an applicator of some kind is a winner. A small travel size mascara will help give your eyes a little pop, and you can finish off your bridal look with a splash of lipgloss, as lips can get quite dry when you’re outside in the elements for a long period of time.

3. Helmet Hair To Heavenly Hair

Don’t let adventure activities that require some form of headwear ruin your plans for looking gorgeous. Throw a mini travel brush and a couple of hair elastics into your pack and think about treating yourself to a small flower crown, hat or headband made with silk flowers that you can use to add an extra special touch. I love these ones on Etsy.

4. Make A Bouquet From Fallen Branches

Use what nature has provided you to create a small bouquet using fallen branches.

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