Bride and groom kiss inside a glacier ice cave

Glacier Ice Cave Elopement in Austria – Amy & Cody

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When you think of glaciers and ice caves, you might think of Iceland. But we also have ice caves here in the Alps, as Amy & Cody discovered for their elopement.

Being from hot and sunny Western Australia, Amy & Cody dreamed of something completely different and unique for their elopement. They wanted a winter wonderland. Back in 2019 when they first started planning, we spoke about Finland and eloping in Lapland. Everything was booked, and then 2020 happened.

When things finally started to open up again, Amy & Cody were ready for their winter wonderland adventure. Except now there was a new challenge. Amy was pregnant, which meant their elopement couldn’t be in the winter anymore. It needed to happen earlier, in September or October, so they were still able to travel.

Knowing that early snow has been unpredictable the last few years, I was afraid that it was even too early for Lapland. So I suggested the next best option for snow in autumn – that they travel to me in the Alps and we go to one of the glaciers in Tirol. I knew that there was a chance of snow (definitely some ice), and knew of two places that had ice caves that are open to the public.

Looking at which location was easiest to reach with public transport, we settled on Zillertal. The couple stayed in the pretty town on Mayrhofen, and on their elopement day, I took them to the magnificent Hintertux glacier.

On the day, sadly the weather wasn’t on our side, and due to their schedule, they couldn’t push the elopement back a day. In the valley, the rain was torrential. But up high, it was a snowstorm! But these two were determined!

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