Italian Dolomites Month-by-month guide

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One of the biggest planning mistakes I see couples making time and time again when planning their Dolomites elopement is choosing the wrong time of year. The seasonal variability in the Dolomites is HUGE. Many locations are not accessible all year round, and some months require extra safety considerations and careful planning.

In this post, I’ll break down what it’s like to elope in the Dolomites month-by-month so that you can choose which month is best for you.

Side note: Climate change very is real – and is causing a lot of changes and unpredictability in the seasons here in the mountains. While this guide is based on my experiences and observations from more than 10 years of living and working in this area, I feel the need to stress that things are getting much harder to predict.

p.s. If you want to learn about the carbon footprint of your Dolomites elopement, check out this post.


January is when the snow usually starts to fall and the ski season really kicks into full swing. However, you don’t need to be a skier to enjoy the Dolomites in winter as there are loads of beautiful winter hiking trails and vistas to enjoy. While it does tend to snow more in January, that means the weather can be quite hit and miss (i.e. you may not see much sun) and also pretty cold with temperatures around or below. If you want to be in the snow but enjoy warmer temperatures then consider March instead. However because there are not many major holidays in January, it’s one of the quieter times to visit.


February in the Dolomites is one of the busier months for the ski season, as you have “Fasching” or carnival and other European school vacations in this month. Lots of the English, Germans, Dutch, Belgians and Austrians (as well as the locals) spend their February vacation days on the ski slopes in Tirol or the Dolomites, so prices are high and resorts are busy. But if you’re not a skier, and looking to do something like winter hiking instead, it’s still possible to have some quiet moments. The weather in February can be changeable. It can be cold and snow lots, but you can also start to get some warm weather and spring vibes creeping in.

Two brides in front of Seceda mountain in winter with snow on the ground
A Winter Elopement on Seceda in February 2022

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March is still winter in the Dolomites, but it’s spring skiing season. If you’re a ski-regular you’ll know what I mean, but if you’re new to this, let me explain. Basically, there is usually still plenty of snow around and the ski lifts are still running. The days are getting longer and the sun shines a lot more. The snow is generally a lot softer and slushier but there is still enough of it to ski. But in the valleys, especially ones that get lots of sun, things are starting to melt and get greener. There can be days where you can stop at a mountain restaurant for lunch and sit comfortably in a short-sleeved t-shirt if you’re in the sun. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be cold though. It can still be freezing on some days, so you do have to be prepared for everything. Depending on when Fasching and Easter fall, March can be busy but it can also be not so bad in terms of crowds. Just check when the main holidays dates are (or ask me during our calls if you’re not sure) so you can avoid them.

Alta Badia Snowboard Wedding in March 2022

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Most mountain lifts stay open until Easter. Sometimes that’s late March, sometimes it’s mid April. It varies every year. And most hotels will mirror the ski lifts with their opening dates (although there are a small number that stay open almost year-round). The Dolomites will still have snow cover in many areas throughout April, even though it’s starting to melt as the days warm up. April is however, generally one of the wetter months in the first half of the year, with the 2nd highest amount of rainfall after May. Depending on the amount of snow that fell during the winter, you may be able to access some areas for hiking at this time, although generally this is only lower trails with lots of sun exposure or areas that didn’t receive much snow. Naturally this can be hard to predict when you’re planning your elopement in advance, which is why being flexible if you’re visiting at this time of year, as well as working with someone like myself who knows the area well and can assess the situation and find suitable backups depending on the conditions is vital.

A winter elopement in the Dolomites at Lago di Braies by Dolomites Elopement Photographer Wild Connections Photography
Lago di Braies Elopement in April 2019

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Lago di Braies Elopement in April


May is another month of change in the Dolomites. Things are continuing to get warmer, and also often quite a bit wetter, with May being the month with the most rainfall for the first half of the year. Most mountain lifts are closed in May, and so are the mountain huts, as their trails are still inaccessible due to snow still sitting in most higher terrain. If you’re hoping to do a hiking elopement, it is possible in May, but many high-up locations will still not be accessible. However there are many beautiful valleys and mountain passes that are fantastic in May, and since the main tourism season is yet to begin, you won’t find too many crowds.

Dolomites Pre-Wedding
The Dolomites in May 2018

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Post Wedding Shoot at Pragser Wildsee
Hiking in the Dolomites in May


Things start to really get going again by mid June in the Dolomites. From mid-June the mountain huts start to open again, most of the summer mountain lifts are in operation and the hotels and resorts are in full summer mode. It’s not yet super busy in June, so it can be a good month to plan an elopement, but there can still be snow on the higher trails to the mountain huts if it has been a particularly heavy winter. The weather in June is generally pretty warm, and the days are very long (which is something to think about if you’re considering sunrise or sunset for your elopement as you’ll have a very early start/late finish). From June to September afternoon and evening storms can happen occur frequently in the Dolomites, so always have a plan B!

Hiking through snow in to reach their mountain hut in mid-June 2019

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July means summer is in fully swing in the Dolomites. Hikers and climbers from around the world are heading here for adventures. Everything is open by this point (lifts, huts, hotels etc) and pretty much all terrain is accessible. July is considered high season, and especially for the weekends, things like mountain huts get booked up months in advance. It’s also the hottest month, although August isn’t far behind it. If you’re considering July, the earlier end of July is a little less busy than the later weeks, as most European schools start their summer vacations in the second or third week of July. Other things you can do to avoid the crowds in July are considering a multi-day elopement and staying overnight in a remote mountain hut (just make sure you book your place in the hut really early) or consider a heli elopement that allows you to reach a really remote location.

Elopement on Seceda mountain in the Dolomites Guide
Evening on Seceda in July 2021 after landing with the Helicopter

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My advice – avoid the month of August in the Dolomites. Even though July is busy, August just seems to be worse. There are many reasons August isn’t a great month to travel to the Dolomites. Firstly it’s the high season for the European school vacation, so hotels and huts are pretty fully booked and the trails are also really busy. And not just the trails but also all of the very limited parking at most of the trailheads too. Secondly, it’s HOT. Sometimes too hot for hiking during the day, with huge evening thunderstorms making sunset elopements quite unpredictable. If you are coming in August, my advice is to plan for sunrise, because afternoon weather is too unpredictable, stay in a mountain hut or go with a heli elopement to avoid those crowded spots.

Or alternatively – consider somewhere like Tirol in Austria instead. While it’s still high season there too, it’s not quite as busy as the Dolomites and there are some areas that are still pretty remote that I can take you too!

Bride and groom in wedding clothes standing on the edge of a mountain after their mountain wedding ceremony in Italy
Vows at sunrise by a mountain lake with nobody else around in August 2019

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Early September can still be pretty warm and busy, but as the month goes on the weather starts to settle and cool down, meaning fewer evening storms. During the day you can still reach temperatures of up to 25°C (77°F) but overnight you can see a frost on the ground. Many hotels, mountain huts and cable cars will stay open until mid-September, after which they take a break until the winter season starts (or for the huts until next summer). After mid-September, things really start to get much quieter – including the trails. And while some locations become a little more difficult to access, hiking conditions are often perfect and the fall colors start to come in and the golden morning & evening light is wonderful for your photos. There tends to be less rain in September, which is great if you’re hoping to hike or climb, but for the alpine lakes, it can mean they are very low, or in some cases, completely dry.

Sunrise in September 2021

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October is shoulder season in the Dolomites, so most lifts and huts are closed, as well as a lot of hotels and other resort facilities, but if you are serious hikers or climbers, this month shouldn’t be overlooked. There are some fabulous hikes that are perfect in October. The larch trees change from green to golden and another spectacle that can be seen in September and October is the strong alpenglow known as the “Burning Dolomites. The weather in October can be quite changeable. You could have beautiful sunny days but there could also be colder temperatures with even the odd snowfall.

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November is a month of change (and for many a month of rest) in the Dolomites. Only a few hotels are open during this month, as many are closed in preparation for the upcoming winter season. Mountain lifts and huts are closed. The weather in November is highly variable. You could have beautiful warm temperatures up to 20°C (68°F) and sunshine OR it could be freezing and snowing, and all the trails have iced over. Many locations may be inaccessible but there will still be plenty of places to explore if you’ve got an open mind and an adventurous spirit. The benefits of visiting the Dolomites in November? There’s hardly anyone else around!


While many people think of December as the start of winter and the ski season (it generally is), in the past few years the snow has been coming later and later, and while it has been possible to ski for Christmas & the New Year, it’s not always been the “white winter wonderland” that many people picture. Christmas & New Year are two of the busiest weeks of the ski season, even when the snow conditions aren’t great, as many people in Europe like to get away and celebrate the festive holidays in the mountains. That means high accommodation prices and the need to book early. You may also find that many wedding vendors won’t actually be working during these times, as many also want to take the holidays off to spend time with their families. Earlier in December you can experience the Christmas markets in some of the towns in South Tyrol which are pretty, but there is now guarantee there will be snow. If you want a better chance of snow, plan your visit in January or February.

Weather Averages

Because this question is asked a lot, below are some graphs to show weather averages in the Dolomites, based on the weather in Cortina d’Ampezzo:

Monthly Average Temperatures

Table documenting the average temperatures in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Monthly Average Sunhine Hours


Monthly Average Precipitation


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