The Process

Your Wild Connections Experience

A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Dream Elopement Experience

You chose to plan a wedding day that fills you with pure joy and excitement!

This is going to be one incredible adventure and I'm so happy to be on this journey with you. So give yourselves a high five, pop a bottle of Prosecco and let's get stuck into the process of planning your elopement...


Celebrate that your dream elopement is booked!


This might sound ridiculous, but sometimes it's easy to get so caught up in the planning and details that you forget to actually CELEBRATE that you've made this huge step in deciding to elope and have the incredible adventure together.

Welcome Questionnaire



Right after booking, you'll receive a welcome questionnaire with lots of questions about how you imagine your dream elopement.

This is where you can tell me in as much detail as possible about how you picture everything so that I can start searching for the best locations and consider the best itinerary ideas for you.

At this stage you can also let me know if you would like introductions to other vendors.

Receive Your Bespoke Proposal



Using the responses from your questionnaire, I'll create a bespoke proposal for you with my top suggestions for your elopement.

This will include accommodation suggestions, information about different areas, some impressions of the locations and ideas for possible activities. You can use the information in the document to research each suggestion further and decide your final choice.

We will have a catch-up call at this stage to talk about your top choices and how a potential itinerary would work for that location.



Once you have chosen your preferred location, you can go ahead and book your travel and accommodation

If you are looking for work with other vendors such as a planner, hair & makeup, videographer, or mountain guide for more extreme activities, I can make introductions to people I've worked with before.

After You've Chosen

Your Location

Sketch Out The Timeline

Around 2 months before your elopement, I'll be putting together the final draft of your schedule. You'll get another questionnaire to complete with the important details such as where you are staying, confirming your email & phone numbers and checking to see if your vision for the day is the same as when you first booked (as for some couples it can be over a year since you began the planning process).

Depending on if you are working with a planner or directly with me, I will be liaising with you/them to create an overview of the schedule for your elopement. This isn't about planning things out in a strict military-schedule but just to make sure you have enough time to fit in all the things you want to do, we look at when the locations will have the best light and fewest people around. Based on the schedule you can decide on how many hours/days of photography coverage you want.



2 Months Before

Final Preparations



Once the final timeline is finished and you've decided how many hours of coverage you want, you'll get the final balance invoice which is due 30 days before your wedding date. This means all the finances are taken care of before the day and there's no delay after the wedding in waiting for payments before the photos can be edited.

I'll also start a WhatsApp group chat for us so that we can easily communicate. You can use this for last minute questions and to keep in contact once you've started your travels to your elopement location. I'll also use the group chat to let you know about the weather forecast a couple of days before and whether we need to make any adjustments to our plans.

1 Month Before

Need A Catch-Up?

Use the button below to book at catch-up call at any stage of the process.

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After The Elopement

What Happens After Your Adventure

Your elopement is just the start.

So what happens to your photos after your elopement day?


Safety First


While you are still celebrating (or maybe sleeping it all off after an epic adventure), I'm back at home and backing up your images in multiple locations so that if there is an error on one hard drive, they are saved in other locations too. This process takes many hours as there is usually a lot of data that needs to be transferred.

Sneak Peeks of Your First Photos



Once your photos are backed up, I'll start the process of sorting out the best shots from the ones where you blinked or I accidentally took a photo of my feet. During this stage, I'll pick out a few of my favourites to send over to you as your first sneak peeks from your elopement.

Within 1 Week

Post-Wedding Questionnaire



While I'm editing your photos, I'll send you a post-wedding questionnaire to fill in (if you haven't realised already, I do love questionnaires). This is so I can find out about your favourite memories from the day, any challenges you faced during the planning process and prepare your story for featuring on the blog. Other couples love reading about couples before them who eloped and what the experience was like for them.

Your Photos Will Be Delivered!



No later than 2 months after your wedding, your final gallery will land in your inboxes.

The images are delivered in digital form via an online gallery service where you can view and download all of your images in high resolution and web size. The gallery can be shared with friends and family using a special sharing link once your are inside. You are also able to order prints and albums from the best professional labs directly from the gallery too.

The gallery will stay online for 1 year after your wedding. After this time it will be taken down, so you'll need to make sure you've already downloaded and saved everything in multiple places. I recommend saving them to the cloud as well as a couple of hard drives.

2 Months After

Below you'll find a library of resources to help you in planning & preparing for your elopement, including:
- Ideas for wedding outfits

- Tips for planning your ceremony

- Navigating conversations with friends & family when you elope

- Location guides

Planning Resources

Articles To Help You With Planning Your Elopement

Things To Pack

Ceremony & Timeline Planning

Friends, Family & Elopements

Misc. Elopement Guides


Great question! And the answer is: it depends. The number of images in your final gallery depends a lot on the timings of your day as well as the number of people attending. I don’t have a set number of images I deliver. But if you really need me to give you a number, you can expect an average of around 50 images per hour of coverage.

How many images do we get?

When do we get to see our final images?

You’ll get a small preview of your pictures no later than 1 week after your wedding day and the full edited gallery delivered to your inbox within 2 months from your wedding date.

How are our images delivered?

Your final edited and curated photo selection is sent to you as an online gallery, which is online for 1 year after your wedding date. You can download individual images and the full gallery, in full size and web resolution. You can also use the "share gallery" function to share the photos with your friends and family. The online gallery is also connected with the best professional print labs so that you can order prints, wall art and albums directly from the gallery.

You said the photos will be edited. What does that mean?

All photos that are selected for the final gallery with be post-processed to show them in their best form. This includes colour correction, optimising brightness and contrast in line with the style of images you see in my portfolio. I do not use photoshop to alter images. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than two people in love. I am there to capture your day as it happens, in an honest and real way. Of course, if you woke up with a red spot on your chin, I will take that out for you. I don’t give out unedited images. So much of the magic that makes up an image happens in the digital equivalent of the darkroom (known as Lightroom) and it’s also how I will create images that match my signature style. It’s boring but I have a legal obligation to deliver a final gallery that is representative of the work you see on my website (and unedited images look rubbish!).

How much help can you give us with planning?

I'm not a licensed wedding planner, which means I can't book anything for you. In all of my packages, I will assist you with the planning of your elopement, which includes the following: assistance finding a location for your photos, creating a timeline for your wedding day, planning advice around what to wear, how to prepare etc, sharing my contact list of other vendors you might need, such as wedding planners, florists, hair & makeup artists, videographers etc. If you want a wedding planner who can assist you with booking your wedding, coordinating logistics and all other vendors, I recommend Nadia from Amulet Events for Austria & Jlenia Costner for the Dolomites. Working with a planner can help make your experience truly stress-free.

Are you a qualified mountain guide?

I'm a mountain hiking guide (Bergwandrführer) which means I can guide you on moderately difficult mountain trails. For anything where challeging and technical terrain and specific knowledge is required, a fully certified mountain guide is recommended. I recommend working with a local IFMGA/IVBV/UIAGM mountain guide and can put you in contact with one if needed.

What if the weather is bad?

I always keep the day before and the day after your elopement free as a backup and I recommend you also plan some flexibility in your schedule to do the same. As part of the planning process, I'll make sure that we've got a plan B if the weather really does prevent us from doing what we had planned. If it's just a bit of wind, rain or fog, don't let that put a downer on your day. Some of my favourite wedding days were bad weather ones, and most of the couples wouldn't have changed it for the world. If we really can't go out on the day you had planned, you'll have the option to move your booking to the day before or the day after for better weather. I usually check in with you 2-3 days before your elopement with a weather update and an indication on whether we might need to review our plans.